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Cathexis’ feature rich Video Management Solutions and Software Suite provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors.

The open architecture enables I.P cameras, recording and viewing servers as well as third party systems suited to a particular application to be integrated seamlessly, thereby providing clients with the best solutions and maximum return on investment.



Third Party Systems Integration

CathexisVision Software

CathexisVision Software

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Vertical Markets

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

The remote monitoring industry has grown exponentially, with the improvement and availability of bandwidth in most countries. Cathexis has been at the forefront of this technology for over a decade and the Cathexis equipment has evolved into one of the most powerful solutions available today.

Remote monitoring service providers are looking to provide more added value to their offering by finding smart ways to increase their monitoring potential.

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Cathexis has been supplying solutions to some of the world’s leading retailers for more than a decade.

From the high streets of London, to shopping malls in Australia, flagship department stores in South Africa and franchise outlets in the USA, Cathexis solutions are being used to minimize risk and improve business effectiveness.

The powerful functionality, flexibility, and integration capability of Cathexis products make the solutions ideal for the retail environment, where the equipment can be used to add value across many different areas of the business beyond security.

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More than ten years of successful installations in the world’s largest Gold and Platinum mines, in Coal, Diamond, Copper, Titanium mines, and in many other associated mining industries has made Cathexis one of the most pervasive suppliers of surveillance equipment in mining. Look to Cathexis system to satisfy your mining surveillance needs.

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Cathexis has scores of successful installations in the property sector, from educational campuses, to residential estates, to office parks and shopping malls.

CathexisVision extremely powerful features and integrated control room environment reduces the risk of human error, enables management of notifications from multiple systems via single user interface as well as providing vastly improved forensic analysis of events and associated video.

Integration of multiple systems like fence-monitoring systems, access control, alarm panels and fire panels with video provides dramatically improved efficiency and accuracy and our open platform enables you to use the cameras of your choice to suit the application solution.



CathexisVision has been providing solutions to the high security banking industry not only as in security surveillance but also as a customer management system. With CathexisVision intelligent video analytics, queue length monitoring, abandon parcel detection, person waiting and loitering are just some of the system triggered alerts that can be sent via SMS to the front office manager.

With the use of VMD analytics, entry into secure areas or after-hours access or activities, provide immediate alarms with video footage of the event, to centralised control rooms.

Integration into the bank’s access control and alarm systems provide a single platform for full control of bank security operations for local or remote site control room management.



Along with the security benefits from 24/7 surveillance from either an on-site or remote control room CathexisVision adds significant value to the manufacturing process and safety monitoring.

Multiple production lines can be viewed from a single point and quality standards monitored continuously by managers from their personal computers using the CathexisVision Client viewer.

Using intelligent counting and movement detection algorithms, automated alarms can be triggered notifying production managers immediately of issues in the manufacturing process. Goods receiving and dispatch areas can be monitored for activity to prevent unauthorised activity and improve efficiency. Private security companies contracted to monitor the premises can remotely access cameras on-site in the event of an alarm trigger and determine if it was valid without having to dispatch personnel to the site.


City Surveillance

CathexisVision is able to offer city security managers an efficient, centrally based, single management tool that provides effective use of city-wide distributed surveillance equipment. The CathexisVision VMS’s (Video Management System) strength is its ability to seamlessly configure, control and manage surveillance and monitoring equipment independent of the manufacturer, whilst being totally transparent to the operator. Comprehensive Integration with 3rd party devices such as access control and alarm systems is a feature.

CathexisVision VMS is used as an aid in the combating of crime, monitoring of traffic flow on critical entry and exit routes into the city, identification of traffic congestion at major intersections, deterring illegal parking and dumping of refuse. Vehicle identification using the LPR (license Plate Recognition) algorithm is an option to help city law enforcement organisations prosecute offenders. Intelligent analytic algorithms are able to monitor vehicle numbers and direction of travel, people movement in restricted areas and trigger automatic alerts to the relevant authorities.



Holistic security and business solutions for the logistics industry.

Cathexis has been working together with logistics companies around the globe for more than a decade. The sophisticated integration capability and reliable nature of the Cathexis systems make them ideal for this high pressure, high risk sector.

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Whether it be a local school or University Campus spanning the size of a small town, CathexisVision has met the surveillance requirements of many educational institutions worldwide. Video and audio can be monitored from individual teaching rooms and an emergency/panic button facility can be installed using the analog IO found on most IP cameras.

In the event that assistance is required and the emergency button is activated, a high priority alarm is triggered in the site control room alerting the operator with live video of the situation at hand. This enables the operator to implement the precise corrective action by assigning the relevant resources to effectively resolve the issue at hand – e.g. medical services for medical emergencies.



Healthcare facilities unfortunately are not exempt from having to maintain and manage an effective security department. With the high through-flow of people through their facilities on a daily basis, vehicle and people congestion at entry and exit points needs to be avoided to allow the rapid response to emergency vehicles and personnel. Monitoring of these areas from a central control room optimises the use of security resources and personnel are only dispatched to problem areas when required.

Internally the CathexisVision VMS can be used by staff to monitor visitors and patients movements within the facility. Restricted areas can have movement detection algorithms configured on the relevant surveillance camera channels to alert of unauthorised entry. Multiple patients can be monitored 24/7 by minimal medical staff.



CathexisVision is widely used to monitor the security and safety of many public orientated businesses protecting both the customer and the business alike. Integration of the Building Management system with CathexisVision provides for efficient maintenance, safety and energy management systems such that problems or potential issues can be identified and resolved immediately. Lights and air-conditioning system can be switched off when not required

Public Liability claims can be verified for authenticity from recorded video footage thereby preventing fraudulent legal implications. Service complaints can be verified and reviewed for staff management and training. Security services can view multiple strategic areas from a central control room without impacting on the daily operations and customer experience.