Cathexis Technologies embraces green energy

Cathexis Technologies uses green energy to power both of its South African sites. The installation of hybrid solar systems at the head office in Durban and manufacturing site in Centurion, Gauteng reflects the priorities and problem-solving skills that are valued at Cathexis. The company is led by electronic engineers who are also “die-hard nature lovers”, as the directors describe.

With its head office in subtropical Durban, branded as the “warmest place to be” by the city’s tourism office, it made sense for Cathexis to capitalise on South Africa’s abundant sunshine. Hybrid solar systems – which consist of solar panels, batteries and invertors – are low-maintenance, run quietly, and provide free, clean energy.

Cathexis has seen the benefits of the switch to solar power: its electricity bills have reduced by over 60 percent. Enough solar power is generated during the day to charge the batteries and support the company’s energy consumption. Both the Centurion and Durban systems are controlled remotely, and can be fine-tuned to accommodate power outages and changing weather conditions.

Using hybrid solar systems at the company’s South African sites saves money, supports productivity and demonstrates the values of teamwork, efficiency and problem-solving that are prized at Cathexis. Above all, the use of green energy at Cathexis reduces its carbon footprint.