Retail Brochure

From the high streets of London, to shopping malls in Australia, flagship department stores in South Africa and franchise outlets in the USA, the world’s leading retailers are using Cathexis solutions to minimise risk and improve operational efficiencies, providing a real return on surveillance investment.

Remote Monitoring Brochure

Cathexis offers Remote Monitoring service providers an exceptional and comprehensive range of solutions to increase monitoring potential through powerful integration capability, health monitoring solutions, as well as flexible and hybrid architecture.

Property Brochure

Cathexis has completed a wide variety of successful surveillance installations in the property sector, with its smart surveillance technology and outstanding features, providing the ultimate infrastructure and security management tool for commercial and residential property applications.

Logistics Brochure

With successful installations around the globe, Cathexis has built a solid reputation as a leading surveillance solutions provider for the Logistics Security and Warehousing sector. The Cathexis range of features includes exceptional integration capability, real-time monitoring, as well as the ability to operate reliably in any high-pressure, high-risk environment.

Hospitality Brochure

From security and building management to public liability verification, Cathexis has the ideal Surveillance Solution for the Hospitality Sector. From some of the world’s leading hotels in the Middle East, to famous casinos in the USA – CathexisVision is the software suite of choice to minimise risk and increase operational efficiencies.

Education Brochure

From small primary schools, to tertiary institutions spanning the size of a small town, Cathexis has met the surveillance requirements of many of the most prestigious institutions worldwide. Educators, learners, and visitors are protected within a secure environment where incidents of violence, drug dealing and other criminal activities are significantly decreased by the presence of…

Banking Brochure

Cathexis provides an extensive range of surveillance solutions that meet the unique requirements of financial institutions and banking security. In addition to demonstrating the high security demands demanded within these financial institutions, the Cathexis suite of software provides a customer management system, which has a direct impact on the operational efficiency of the organisation.