Cathexis RCK 3XYZ Rackmount

Cathexis Rackmount Brochure
Cathexis Rackmount Brochure
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The Cathexis RCK 3XYZ Rackmount is a 19-inch 1 U rackmount tray which can take up to three of either the SAM-3204, ESP-3102, or EIO-3148, or a mix thereof. Plastic caps are provided which can be used to cover slots should all three not be required.


Physical Dimensions 19-inch rackmount, 1 U height, 105mm depth.
Material Powder coated mild steel.


Hardware Ordering Information

RCK 3XYS 19” 1 U rackm ount t ra y. Can fit up to 3 SA M-320 4/ESP-3102/EIO-3148.