Video Encoders

Please note this product is END OF LIFE

SAM 3204 Brochure
SAM 3204 Brochure
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.The Sam3 products integrate analogue cameras into security systems by means of an Ethernet network. In applications where an Ethernet network already exists, this is a significant cost-saver as it does away with the requirement for cabling. With the Power over Ethernet option there is also no need for external power feeds to the encoders.

Conveniently, there is no hardware installation or addition IP camera licenses required on the CathexisVision VMS NVR (Network Video Recorder) – each of the SAM3 inputs encode an analogue camera feed, converting it to a high quality digital format, which is transmitted as a digital feed to the CathexisVision VMS NVR.

The encoders integrate seamlessly into the CathexisVisionVMS user interface so that each appears as simply another camera on the site. The compression ratio and resolution can be scaled independently for each encoder, providing optimum image quality under all conditions. This also enables flexible customisation of encoders to optimise the network band- width.

SAM-3204 4-channel H.264 Encoders

  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) Class 3 device
  • Optimized H.264 video compression algorithm to facilitate transmission of High Quality
    video over low network bandwidth
  • Built in monitoring function
  • Supports PAL/NTSC
  • Provides RS422/RS485 serial port (Will only sync with Video Channel 1)
  • 4x Analogue Video Inputs
  • 4x Audio Input (Line In/MIC In) and 1x Audio Output.
  • Dual streaming