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Available software includes:

  • Video Archive Player
  • ANPR
  • Carbon
  • CathexisVision

Tutorial Videos

This extensive catalogue contains setup and operational videos on configuring and using CathexisVision. These tutorial videos are grouped according to themes, such as video analytics, archiving, cameras, number plate recognition, video wall, database, features, server setup, and CathexisVision Map Editor. Watch knowledge session videos to learn how Cathexis has developed video surveillance solutions for ANPR, Covid and other challenges, and see how these solutions work in real-life scenarios.

Feature Videos

Learn more about CathexisVision’s powerful and versatile range of features.


Feature Clips

Log in or simply register on our website to access an array of videos, such as:

  • Detailed coverage of CathexisVision features and how to use them.
  • Overviews of the CathexisVision features and analytics.
  • Our integrations with technology partners.
  • Talks and presentations from recent roadshows.
  • Thermal footage with and without analytics applied.
  • Explainers on CathexisVision’s video analytics.
  • Webinars on topics relating to business and video surveillance management.

System Design Tools

The Cathexis design tool allows you to input all the parameters of your site, including camera numbers, frame rates, resolution as well as the number of days storage required for your solution. It will then suggest the best recording servers for your application and supply you with a bill of materials (BOM) for the CathexisVision licenses that are required to satisfy the requirements that you have provided.

Note: You are required to re-register for the new design tool and your registration will also require approval. This is to ensure that we can deliver accurate and comprehensive system designs.

FAQ / A&E / Projects


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Privacy Guide

As a global company in the security industry, Cathexis prioritises data protection. We are also committed to helping our clients comply with data protection laws. It is important that companies ensure that their use of CathexisVision software falls within the privacy regulations set out by the relevant authorities in their regions. To help Cathexis clients understand how they can do this, Cathexis has produced Privacy Guides on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

  • Thorough explanation of data subjects’ rights, definitions and applications of important concepts
  • Backed up with references to legislation, links to useful websites, articles and resources
  • Instructions for data controllers and responsible parties
  • Tips on compliance specifically relating to video surveillance
  • Guidelines/templates for compiling important documentation
Cathexis Privacy Guide_GDPR
Cathexis Privacy Guide_GDPR
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Cathexis Privacy Guide_POPI
Cathexis Privacy Guide_POPI
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Cathexis Privacy Guide Brochure
Cathexis Privacy Guide Brochure
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End user license agreement

If you are a Cathexis dealer, systems integrator or are otherwise installing this Product on behalf of a third party, you shall ensure that you have their acceptance of this End-user License Agreement and their consent to provide end-user personal data for registration with Cathexis Technologies if such voluntary option is applied.

License Policy

Cathexis license policy documents