This camera driver supports older MPEG4 cameras as well as newer H264 Cameras.

Axis P1455-LE

CathexisVision Camera Integration

CathexisVision Driver: Axis  
Number Of Cameras: 1  
Number Of Streams: 4  
Format: JPEG/H.264  
Transport: RTP/TCP and RTP/UDP  
Audio: Audio In  

2MP( 1920×1080), 1.2MP(1280×960), 1MP(1280×800), 921.6KP(1280×720), 786.4KP(1024×768), 655.3KP(1024×640), 400KP(800×500), 360KP(800×450)

307.2KP(640×480), 256KP(640×400), 230.4KP(640×360), 172.8KP(480×360), 144KP(480×300), 129.6KP(480×270)

Format H.264  
Audio Yes  
Resolution Stream Dependent  
Camera Events  
Events :

AXIS Object Analytics (include: AXIS Line crossing, AXIS Area Presences), Axis Video Motion Detection

Trigger Message: The user can define the message trigger from the Axis web interface to Cathexis Software.  
Inputs: 1 Input  
Outputs: 1 Output  
Edge Review: YES  
Edge Insertion: YES  
Serial Port: N/A  
Cathexis Software:

CathexisVision 2023 SP2

and later

Camera Firmware:  
  • The trigger messages need to be defined in the web interface and the TCP port to transmit the trigger message is 32305.
  • Axis License Plate Verifier Application tested in version  2.7-1.


Cathexis Documentation    
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