Powerful integrated solutions for video surveillance and IP camera integration

Программное обеспечение для записи IP-камер
Dahua Integration Brochure
Size: 1.29 MB

A seamless, full-feature product offering can be expected when integrating Dahua’s high-quality third-party IP cameras with

CathexisVision, our advanced Video Management System (VMS). With over two decades in the business, Cathexis has a proven

track record of providing powerful VMS solutons. he integration using the Dahua IP camera SDK must provide as close a match as possible

to the original camera features, making them available for VMS-based actions

  • Live View
  • Encode Adjust
  • PTZ
  • Playback
  • Motion
  • I/O
  • Audio

Dahua DHI – ITC237 – PW1A – IRZ

CathexisVision Camera Integration

Number Of Streams: 1
Format: H264
Transport:  RTP/UDP and RTP/TCP
Audio: N/A
Resolution: 2.0MP (1920×1080)
  Not Supported
Camera Events 
Inputs:  N/A
Outputs: 1
Edge Recording:  Not Supported
Serial Port: N/A
PTZ Control:  Yes (Zoom in/Out and focus)
Cathexis Software: CathexisVision 2017 SP2 and later
Camera Firmware: 2.202.0000.1.T, build : 2016-9-23
This download consists of the following files:

    • CathexisVision ANPR Camera Selection Guide
    • CathexisVision ANPR Document


ANPR Camera Selection Guide








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