Powerful integrated solutions for video surveillance and ANPR

Milesight Integration Brochure
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The Cathexis-Milesight partnership has created a sophisticated and effective integration solution by combining CathexisVision’s highly versatile video

management software with Milesight’s ANPR camera. This results in a single solution for the user.

  • ANPR and CCTV on a single platform for simplified operation.
  • Ability to capture vehicle ANPR information from slow speed access control to high speed freeway applications
  • Ability to associate cameras to the exact number plate event for real-time visual identification.
  • Graphical representation of status and events on the map interface.
  • View events from specific time-frames.
  • Simplified mining of the database to find ANPR events and associated video footage.
  • Create unique actions on specific events.
    o Creation of unique groups (blacklists, employees, contractors)
    o Predetermined actions for the various groups (sound an alarm, open a boom gate, deny unauthorised access and so on)
    o Send event info to local or off-site control room
    o Send email or SMS notifications


Milesight MS-C2961-RELPB

CathexisVision Camera Integration

CathexisVision Driver: Milesight
Number Of Cameras: 1
Number Of Streams: 3
Format: H.265/ H.264/ JPEG
Transport: RTP/TCP and RTP/UDP
Audio: N/A
Resolution: 2.0MP(1920×1080), 1.2MP (1280×960), 0.9MP(1280×720),4CIF (704×576), VGA (640×480), 230Kp(640×360), CIF(352×288), 56kP(320×176), 61kP(320×192), QVGA(320×240)
Format N/A
Audio N/A
Resolution N/A
 Camera Triggers  
Motion Detection STARTMOTION
Inputs: 1 inputs
Outputs: 1 output
  Number plate
  Background colour
Edge Review: N/A
PTZ Control: Yes
LPR: Yes
Cathexis Software: CathexisVision 2019 SP3 and later
Camera Firmware Version and
  This resolution: 56kP(320×176) is not compatible with this version of the software on the second and third stream
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