Mobotix V25

CathexisVision Camera Integration

CathexisVision Driver: Mobotix
Number Of Cameras: 1
Number Of Streams: 2
Format: MxPEG and MJPEG
Transport: N/A
Audio: Listen only (supported, but not tested)
Resolution: 6.2MP (3072×2048), 5.0MP (2592×1944), 3.1MP (2048×1536), 2.0MP (1920×1080), 1.2MP (1280×960), 0.9MP (1280×720), XGA (1024×768), 480kP (800X600), 442kP (768×576), 4CIF (704×576), VGA (640×480), 110kP (384×288), CIF (352×288), QVGA (320×240) and 19kP (160×120)
Format: Not supported
Camera Events
Camera Triggers: CathexisVision will trigger according to the event names set up in the Event Overview section in the camera’s web interface.
Environment Events:

    • Shock Detector – tested
    • Illumination – tested
    • Microphone – tested
    • Temperature – tested


Image Analysis Events:

    • Video Motion – tested
    • MxActivitySensor – tested


Internal Events:

    • Action Group Termination – not tested
    • Custom Signal State – not tested
    • Recording – not tested


Message Event:

    • IP Receive – not tested
    • MxMessageSystem – not tested


Meta Events:

    • Event Counter – tested
    • Event Logical And – tested
    • Event Logic – tested


Signal Event:

    • UC Soft Button – not tested
    • Signal Input – not tested


Time Event:

    • Periodic Event – tested
    • Random Event – not tested
    • Time Task – tested

Inputs: Not supported
Outputs: Not supported
Edge Review: Not supported
PTZ Control: N/A
Cathexis Software: CathexisVision 2018 SP4 and later
Camera Firmware: MX-V4.4.2.22



    • The camera may stream at a slower frame rate if the MxPEG High Sensitivity Mode is enabled in the camera’s web interface. To disable it go to Setup Menu > JPEG Settings > Video Codec.


    • There will be a short pause before i-frames when streaming MXPEG.
    • On an Ubuntu 12 NVR there may be a timestamp issue when audio is enabled which can affect camera review.
    • The resolution and quality of the second video feed is dependent on what is set up in the first video feed.

Cathexis Integrations