This camera driver supports older MPEG4 cameras as well as newer H264 Cameras.

Axis P3363 – V

CathexisVision Camera Integration

Number Of Streams : Camera Dependent
Format : H264/JPEG 
Transport :  RTP/UDP and RTP/TCP
Audio : Bi-directional
Resolution : SVGA (800 x 600)
Format :  H264
Resolution :  Stream Dependent
Audio :  Listen Only
Motion Detection  
Zones : Camera Dependent 
Trigger Message : User Defined
Inputs :  1
Outputs : 1
Serial Port : N/A
PTZ Control :  N/A
Cathexis Software : CatVision 2016.SP2 and later
Camera Firmware :
Limitations :
  • The trigger messages need to be defined in the web interface and TCP port to transmit the trigger message is 32305.


Cathexis Integrations