This integration support Samsung HTTP/RTSP based cameras

Samsung QND-7080RP

CathexisVision Camera Integration

CathexisVision Driver: Samsung V2
Number Of Cameras: 1
Number Of Streams: Up to 10
Format: H264/MJPEG (H265 see limitations)
Transport: Default, RTP/TCP and RTP/UDP
Audio: Listen only
Resolution: 3.9MP (2592×1520), 3.6MP (2560×1440), 2.9MP (2304×1296), 2.0MP (1920×1080), 1.3MP (1280×1024), 1.2MP (1280×960), 0.9MP (1280×720), XGA (1024×768), 480kP (800×600), D1 (720×576), 358kP (800×448), D1 (720×480), VGA (640×480), 230kP (640×360), QVGA (320×240)
Format: H264
Audio: Listen only
Camera Events
Motion Detection: Yes
Zones: 1
Trigger Message: STARTMOTION
Tamper Detection: Yes
Trigger Message: STARTTAMPER
Defocus Detection: Yes
Trigger Message: STARTDEFOCUS
Inputs: Yes. 1 Input
Outputs: Yes. 1 Output
Edge Review: Not Supported.
Serial Port: N/A
PTZ Control: Zoom in/out and Focus near/far
Cathexis Software: CathexisVision 2017 SP2 and later
Camera Firmware: 1.00_160804

    • The format of the first three profiles cannot be changed as it is set on the camera.
    • When setting up a stream using Live555 (RTP/TCP, or RTP/UDP) it may take up to 15 seconds for the live stream and audio to syncronize. The recordings during this time is correct.


    • H265 has not been tested, but is supported from CathexisVision 2017.3.
    • Edge review is not supported
    • The camera presents CathexisVision with ten possible video feeds to configure, but may not be able to use all of them.
    • The camera will report to CathexisVision that a framerate of 5FPS can be used for all resolutions in the first video feed, but the web interface shows that for higher resolutions only framerates less than 5FPS can be set. When editing the camera, the settings won’t be saved if an unsupported framerate is selected.
    • Camera doesn’t support auto focus.
    • The camera doesn’t always stream the first video feed according the framerate set.



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