This integration support Samsung HTTP/RTSP based cameras

Samsung SNP-L6233P

CathexisVision Camera Integration

CathexisVision Driver: Samsung V2
Number Of Cameras: 1
Number Of Streams: Up to 10
Format: H264/MJPEG
Transport: Default, RTP/TCP and RTP/UDP
Audio: Listen only
Resolution: 2.0MP (1920×1080), 1.3MP (1280×1024), 1.2MP (1280×960), 0.9MP (1280×720), XGA (1024×768), 480kP (800×600), D1 (720×576), 360kP (800×450), VGA (640×480), 230kP (640×360), QVGA (320×240), 57kP (320×180)
Format: H264
Audio: Listen only
Camera Events
Motion Detection: Yes
Zones: 1
Trigger Message: STARTMOTION
Tamper Detection: Yes
Trigger Message: STARTTAMPER
Audio Detection: Yes
Trigger Message: STARTAUDIO
Face Detection: Yes
Trigger Message: STARTFACE
Video Analytics – Appear: Yes
Trigger Message: VA_APPEAR
Video Analytics – Disappear: Yes
Trigger Message: VA_DISAPPEAR
Video Analytics – Enter: Yes
Trigger Message: VA_ENTER
Video Analytics – Exit: Yes
Trigger Message: VA_EXIT
Video Analytics – Passing: Yes
Trigger Message: VA_PASS
Inputs: Yes. 4 Inputs
Outputs: Yes. 2 Outputs
Edge Review: Not Supported.
Serial Port: N/A
PTZ Control: Yes
Cathexis Software: CathexisVision 2017 SP3 and later
Camera Firmware: 1.01_160627

    • The format of the first two profiles cannot be changed as it is set on the camera.
    • It may take up to 15 seconds to synchronize a new live feed’s timestamp. During this time the recordings are correct.
    • Audio in via external mic works. Can set driver to use either Line in, or External mic, or Internal mic.


    • Audio from the camera can be delayed. This also occurs in the camera’s web interface and in VLC.
    • When switching between unicast and multicast the recording will stop until the unicast stream starts streaming again. Tested this with a Samsung QND-7080RP and the recording doesn’t stop, therefore it’s an issue with this camera.
    • The camera presents CathexisVision with ten possible video feeds to configure, but may not be able to use all of them.



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