Pelco Spectra HD D5118

CathexisVision Camera Integration

Number Of Streams : 2
Format : H264
Audio : Not Supported
Resolution : 1280 x 960
 Format :  H264
Resolution :  1280 x 960
Motion Detection  
Trigger String : Motion messages are constructed of the zone name (if present) and the uppercase characters of the anaytic function:
< Zone Name >:< Analytic Event > 
eg. If we enable AdaptiveMotion?? and set the Zone name to “Zone 1” the message trigger will be: 
“Zone 1:AM” 
If the analytic function does not specify a zone name when set up on the camera, ommit . The message trigger for SabotageDetection?? will be: 
If the message trigger is set to “STARTMOTION”, all message triggers from the camera will trigger the event. 
The zone name should NOT be longer than 16 characters.
PTZ Control : Yes
Cathexis Software : 5042d1 and later
Camera Firmware :
Limitations :

    • Due to the complexity of the stream setups, this has to be done by the user via the camera web interface.
    • Please note that only H.264 streaming is supported. 
    • Refer to Pelco Setup for setup notes.
    • Need to set up streams on camera web interface.
    • Please refer to the following page for firmware version 1.9 change notes: Pelco Firmware V1.9

Pelco Camera Integration Guide

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