Pelco TI350-X

CathexisVision Camera Integration

Number Of Streams : 2
Format : H264
Audio : Not Supported
Resolution : 384×288, 320×240
  Not Supported
Motion Detection  
 Trigger Strings

    • STATMOTION (Triggers when any other trigger is active)
    • ZONENAME:AM (Adaptive Motion)
    • ZONENAME:CS (Camera Sabotage)
    • ZONENAME:LD (Loitering Detection)
    • ZONENAME:OC (Object Counting)
    • ZONENAME:SV (Stopped Vehicles)

The “ZONENAME” part of the trigger string can be chosen in the web interface.

Up to 32 zones may be configured for each detection algorithm.

The exception is camera sabotage which only has one zone.

Cathexis Software : CatVision 2014 Service Pack 3 and later
Camera Firmware :
Limitations :

    • This camera uses the Peco Sarix driver
    • Please note that only H.264 streaming is supported. 
    • Video streams need to be configured on the camera’s web interface.

Pelco Camera Integration Guide

Pelco Sarix Spectra Camera Integration App-note.pdfDownload


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