Digital Sprite 2

CathexisVision Integration

Video Feeds : 16 (Input 1 to 16)
Number Of Streams : 1 per video feed
Format : JPEG/MPEG4
Resolution :

JPEG: D1(720×576), 2CIF(720×288), CIF(360×288), 26kP(180×144)

MPEG4: 4CIF(704×576), 2CIF(704×288), CIF(352 x 288), 23kP(160×144)

Format : Not supported
Camera Event
Alarms : N/A
Inputs : N/A
Outputs : N/A
Edge Recording : Yes
Serial Port : N/A
PTZ Control : N/A
Cathexis Software : CathexisVision 2018 SP1 and later
Licensing : 1 x CLIC-2000 license per video feed
Software Revision : Firmware version: 04.5 (069) M2IP – 03.1 (09.2)
PC application Version: 02.0 (1.16.3-1) – 2010
Limitations :

The performance of this integration is dependent on the performance of the Sprite 2.

This is dependent on the underlying Sprite 2 hardware, the number of cameras and their resolutions.

Test the Sprite 2 performance before using this integration. Contact Cathexis support for assistance.


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