Nemtek Druid 25 and Druid 28 LCD energizer

CathexisVision Integration

The Druid 25 and the Druid 28 LCD energizers (5 and 8 joule output) offers two independently controlled zones in one energizer. By using 2 energizers a four zone system can be created. An optional expansion relay card offers the ability for more outputs and inputs.
Devices :

    • FG7 (Module with touchscreen)
    • Energizer
    • IO Card

Video /Data Association : Yes
Event Control : Yes
Database Search : Yes
Interactive and Map Control : Yes
CathexisVision Version : CathexisVision 2016.3, Cathexis 2017.2 and later
License :

    • CNEF-1001 (Nemtek electric fence object)
    • CNEF-2000 (Nemtek electric fence device)
    • CNEF-3000 (Nemtek electric fence bundle)

Firmware Version : Rev FG7 D2X1.6
Connection Type : Ethernet Port
Display type : Data is displayed in CathexisVision via an overlay, which is placed over a CathexisVision video feed.
Operating system : Windows/Linux
Objects :

    • Energizer
      • Zones
      • Inputs
    • IOCard
      • Inputs
      • Outputs

Overlays :

    • The overlays are configurable (position/colour).
    • The Zones and Inputs/Outputs states are displayed on the overlay.

Integration Database :

    • All device events are entered in the database.
    • Multiple cameras can be assigned to a single sensor, and viewed in the database.
    • Events can be filtered in the integration database.

Multiple Devices : When more then one Energizer/IO card is connected together the Zones and inputs/outputs are automatically populated in the integration.
Cathexis Documentation  

Nemtek Fence Monitoring Integration Guide

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