Honeywell WIN-PAK

CathexisVision Integration

WIN-PAK 4.7 for Galaxy is the end-user software package for the management of Galaxy intruder security systems.
Video /Data Association: Yes
Camera Overlay: Yes
Device Control: Yes
Database Search: Yes
Interactive and Map Control: Yes
CathexisVision Version: 2019 Service Pack 2 and later
CathexisVision License: CWPK-2000 Winpak access control device
CathexisVision Driver: Winpak access control
WIN-PAK Software version: WIN-PAK PE 4.7 (Build 1070.4)

    • Cathexis Winpak Service (CathexisWinpakService-1.1.rc1.exe) must be installed on the WIN-PAK server.
    • This integration was tested using the NetAXS NX4S1E panel with firmware v30625.


    • Only one integration device can make a TCP connection to the Winpak server at any given time. Multiple simultaneous connections are not supported
    • Devices that are added, or renamed in Winpak after the objects have been populated in CathexisVision may only populate after the Winpak server is restarted.
    • If the Winpak server has a seperate network connection directly to the panel and this network adapter is disabled, the Winpak software will change the panel and its component states to unknown, but the state change will not be forwarded to CathexisVision. CathexisVision will only receive the new states when the network adapter is re-enabled.



Winpak App note

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