SouthWest Microwave Intrepid Fence Monitor

CathexisVision Integration

With INTREPID’s single-platform sensor technologies, deploy any combination of fence, buried and digital microwave solutions on a unified network platform.
  The device can be connected using RS232, or Ethernet.
Video /Data Association: Yes
Event Control: Yes
Database Search: Yes
Interactive and Map Control: Yes
Integration Database:

    • All device events are entered in the database.
    • Up to four cameras can be assigned to a single object and viewed in the database.
    • Events can be filtered in the integration database.


    • CSMI-2000 Southwest Microwave Intrepid device – one license per integration device
    • CSMI-1001 Southwest Microwave Intrepid module – one license per module

CathexisVision Version:

    • CathexisVision 2016 SP3 and later supports RS232 connections.
    • CathexisVision 2019 SP3 and later also supports Ethernet connections.


    CathexisVision 2016 SP3 was tested using a RS232 connection to the Micropoint II module. The following modules are supported, but were not tested:

    • Relay Output Module II-16
    • Relay Output Module II-8
    • Alarm Input Module II
    • MicroTrack II
    • ModelWave 330


    CathexisVision 2019 SP3 was tested using an Ethernet connection to the Remote Polling Module II (RPM II) and the following modules were tested:

    • Alarm Input Module II (AIM II)
      • Firmware: 64A46269-A01 REV H 2011-02-15 13:10:23
    • MicroPoint II – Processor Module II (PM II)
      • Firmware: 64A46370-A01 REV E 2011-06-23 12:43:26
    • MicroTrack II – MicroTrack Processor II (MTP II)
      • Firmware: 64A46237-A01 REV A 2010-10-07 16:06:13
    • MicroWave 330
      • Firmware: 64A46490-A01 REV 0 2012-12-11 11:42:52
    • Relay Output Module II (ROM II)
      • Firmware: 64A46239-A03 REV G 2011-02-15 13:20:18
    • Remote Polling Module II (RPM II)
      • Firmware: 64A46776-A01 REV C 2016-10-20 10:53:06




    • There is no Set Tag context menu command when making a TCP outgoing connection to the device. The Set Tag command will only be available when selecting Aggregate and making a serial connection to the device.



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