SouthWest Microwave Intrepid Fence Monitor

CathexisVision Integration

With INTREPID’s single-platform sensor technologies, deploy any combination of fence, buried and digital microwave solutions on a unified network platform.
  The device can be connected using RS232, or Ethernet.
Video /Data Association: Yes
Event Control: Yes
Database Search: Yes
Interactive and Map Control: Yes
Integration Database:

    • All device events are entered in the database.
    • Up to four cameras can be assigned to a single object and viewed in the database.
    • Events can be filtered in the integration database.


    • CSMI-2000 Southwest Microwave Intrepid device – one license per integration device
    • CSMI-1001 Southwest Microwave Intrepid module – one license per module

CathexisVision Version:

    • CathexisVision 2016 SP3 and later supports RS232 connections.
    • CathexisVision 2019 SP3 and later also supports Ethernet connections.


    CathexisVision 2016 SP3 was tested using a RS232 connection to the Micropoint II module. The following modules are supported, but were not tested:

    • Relay Output Module II-16
    • Relay Output Module II-8
    • Alarm Input Module II
    • MicroTrack II
    • ModelWave 330


    CathexisVision 2019 SP3 was tested using an Ethernet connection to the Remote Polling Module II (RPM II) and the following modules were tested:

    • Alarm Input Module II (AIM II)
      • Firmware: 64A46269-A01 REV H 2011-02-15 13:10:23
    • MicroPoint II – Processor Module II (PM II)
      • Firmware: 64A46370-A01 REV E 2011-06-23 12:43:26
    • MicroTrack II – MicroTrack Processor II (MTP II)
      • Firmware: 64A46237-A01 REV A 2010-10-07 16:06:13
    • MicroWave 330
      • Firmware: 64A46490-A01 REV 0 2012-12-11 11:42:52
    • Relay Output Module II (ROM II)
      • Firmware: 64A46239-A03 REV G 2011-02-15 13:20:18
    • Remote Polling Module II (RPM II)
      • Firmware: 64A46776-A01 REV C 2016-10-20 10:53:06




    • There is no Set Tag context menu command when making a TCP outgoing connection to the device. The Set Tag command will only be available when selecting Aggregate and making a serial connection to the device.


Intrepid Perimeter Monitoring Integration Guide

SWM Integration White paper .pdfDownload
SWM Intrepid Perimeter Integration .pdfDownload

Southwest Microwave White Paper

SWM Integration White paper.pdfDownload
SWM Intrepid POE Integration White Paper.pdfDownload


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