ISS SecurOS ANPR/ Container Regconition

CathexisVision Integration





The ISS SecurOS ANPR/Container Recognition is the video analytics module which provides License Plate Recognition and recognizing ISO codes from cargo containers at port entrances or exit. The module is capable of capturing license plate information at 155 mph (250 km/h) and in all kinds of weather conditions, including fog, rain, and snow. And also capturing codes printed horizontally or vertically from above, back and either side of a container.

The information captured by the ISS SecurOS LPR is then send to the CathexisVision system.


Video /Data Association:



Camera Overlay: Yes
Database Search: Yes
License CISS-2000  ISS Device
  CISS-1001 ISS Lane
  CISS-3000 ISS Bundle
CathexisVision Driver: ISS SecurOS LPR
CathexisVision Version: 2019 Service Pack 3 and later

ISS ANPR/container recognition App note

ISS LPR and Container Recognition App-note.pdfDownload


ISS ANPR/container recognition white paper

ISS LPR and Container Recognition White Paper.pdfDownload


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