JVA Perimeter Patrol

CathexisVision Integration


This integration communicates with a software package called JVA Perimeter Patrol, which in turn controls electric fence energizers.
Devices :
  • Keypad 
  • Energizer
  • IO Card


Video /Data Association : Yes
Event Control : Yes
Database Search : Yes
Interactive and Map Control : Yes
CathexisVision Version :

 CathexisVision 2018.3 and later
 CathexisVision 2018.4 / 2019.1 and later (Added Zone Sectors)

License :


  • CJVA-1001 (JVA electric fence zone)
  • CJVA-2000 (JVA electric fence device)
  • CJVA-3000 (JVAelectric fence bundle)


Firmware Version :
Connection Type : Ethernet Port
Display type : Data is displayed in CathexisVision via an overlay, which is placed over a CathexisVision video feed.
Operating system : Windows
Objects :
  • Energizer
    • Zones
    • Zone Sectors (2018.4 / 2019.1 and later

  • I/O Board
    • Inputs
    • Outputs


Overlays :


  • The overlays are configurable.
  • The Zones, Zone Sectors and states are displayed on the overlay.


Integration Database :


  • All device events are entered in the database.
  • Multiple cameras can be assigned to a single zone and zone sectors and viewed in the database.
  • Events can be filtered in the integration database.


Multiple Devices : When more then one Energizer/IO Board zones are added they can be added to an object group and events can be triggered on that group.

This integration requires .Net Framework version 4.5 or later .

Net Framework must be installed/upgraded before creating the integration device.

Cathexis Documentation  


JVA-Stafix Perimeter Patrol Manual

JVA Stafix Perimeter Patrol Integration App-note.pdfDownload
JVA Stafix Perimeter Patrol Integration White Paper.pdfDownload


JVA Stafix Perimeter Patrol White Paper

JVA Stafix Perimeter Patrol Integration White Paper.pdfDownload


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