CathexisVision Integration


OnGuard Access is a feature-rich access control application that includes a robust alarm monitoring module, plus built-in support for card technologies, biometrics and wireless access control devices.

Video /Data Association : Yes
Event Control : Yes
Database Search : Yes
Access Control Panel :  Lenel LNL-2210
CathexisVision Version : Cathexis Vision 2018 SP2 and later
License : CLEN-1001 (Single Reader License), CLEN-2000 (Lenel Device License), CLEN-3000 (Bundle License)
Firmware Version :

OnGuard Software Version 7.3.345.54

Lenel LNL-2210 Firmware Version : 1.194

Connection Type :   IP
Display type :  Data is displayed in Cathexis Vision via an overlay, which is placed over a Cathexis Vision video feed.
Object Types:

    • Reader 
    • Panel
    • Wrapper

Integration Database : 

    • All device events are entered in the database.
    • Multiple cameras can be assigned to a single reader, and viewed in the database.
    • Events can be filtered in the integration database.

Operating system :


For more details of the features/abilities of the integration please refer to the downloadable white paper.

Cathexis Documentation  
 This download consists of the following files:

    • CathexisWmiWrapper
    • Lenel OnGuard Access Control Integration Guide
    • Lenel OnGuard Access Control Integration White Paper


Lenel OnGuard Access control wrapper



Lenel OnGuard Access control Integration Guide

Lenel OnGuard Access Control Integration App-note.pdfDownload


Lenel OnGuard Access Control White Paper

Lenel OnGuard Access Control Integration White Paper.pdfDownload


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