inMotion SEEKER metal detector

CathexisVision Integration


This metal detector is designed to detect concealed weapons, carried by people entering a secure area.

Video /Data Association : Yes
Event Control : Yes
Database Search : Yes
Interactive and Map Control : Yes
CathexisVision Version : CatVision 2017 and later
License : CISM-3000 (inMotion Seeker metal detector bundle)/ CISM-1001 (inMotion Seeker metal detector) and CISM-2000 (inMotion Seeker metal detector device)
Firmware Version :

SEEKER Sensor head F/W: Version 7.1.1 (Version E)

LAN/RELAY interface controller : Version 2.1

Connection Type :  
  •  Windows : Usb serial port / IP
  •  Linux : IP only
Polling rate :  Information is sent to CathexisVision every 3.3 ms
Display type :  Data is displayed in CathexisVision via an overlay, which is placed over a CathexisVision video feed.
Operating system :  Windows/Linux
Objects : Sensor 

    • Sensor states displayed: Normal, Alarmed.
    • Commands:
      • Setting the sensitivity of the sensor.
      • Reset the sensor. The sensor will reboot, and the sensitivity will return to the default.
      • Setting the threshold sets the value above which an event will occur.

Overlays : 

    • The overlays are configurable (position/colour).
    • The sensor states are displayed on the overlay.

Integration Database : 

    • All device events are entered in the database.
    • Multiple cameras can be assigned to a single sensor, and viewed in the database.
    • Events can be filtered in the integration database.

Device Offline : 

When the connection is lost you will get an offline status and, once it comes back online, the device calibrates itself.

Multiple Sensors : 

Able to configure multiple sensors.

Cathexis Documentation  

inMotion Seeker Metal Detector Integration Guide

inMotion Seeker Metal Detector Integration.pdfDownload



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