Stinger BS120

CathexisVision Integration

This device has two objects, Field box and Zones. Each field box has multiple zones on it. Zones can enter an alarm state, but can’t be controlled, by CathexisVision.
  The device must be connected to an RS485 port, a converter will be needed if an ESP is used.
Button(s): Yes, a reset button to clear triggered alarms. 
Video /Data Association: Yes
Event Control: Yes
Database Search: Yes
Interactive and Map Control: Yes
CathexisVision Version: CathexisVision 2016 Service Pack 1 and later
License: CSTI-2000
Firmware: S V5.2 1/15

Stinger Fence Monitoring Integration Guide

Stinger Fencer Monitoring Integation App-Note.pdfDownload


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