CathexisVision Integration



Vidsys started as an integration platform for operation centres to improve situational awareness using physical security sensors and data. It is now rapidly evolving to encompass other sources including building management, radars/sonars, asset tracking, social media and IT security and management systems. It’s what we call Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM). Vidsys software is a scalable, commercial-off-the-shelf solution.


Main features available with this driver interface:

    • Device Discovery of configured cameras
    • Display of Live video of configured cameras
    • Display of Recorded video of configured cameras (Switch between live/recorded)
    • Provide recorded video play back controls: Play, Pause/Stop, FF, REW
    • PTZ Controls to configured cameras
    • Snapshot, Bookmarks, Time Slider, Jump To Time Interval
    • Setting Preset functions when live video is being played
    • Alarm forwarding to RiskShield
    • Auto-reconnect
    • Support multiple viewers rendering video at the same time
    • Support child window viewers rendering video at the same time
    • OPVF
    • Supports multiple processes.
    • Supports QuickStart.

This download consists of the following files:




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