Large and Enterprise Surveillance Solutions

CathexisVision Premium Software provides an integrated surveillance solution of unlimited functionality and scale for large sites or multiple site population.

This top of the range feature rich software is ideally suited to the mining environment, major industrial sites, airports, city surveillance. Suited for situations that require very large camera populations with complete multi-tier management control.

The open architecture enables I.P cameras, recording and viewing servers as well as third party systems suited to a particular application to be integrated seamlessly.

Providing clients with the best solutions and maximum return on investment. The multi-server software environment provides the technical integrity to ensure the up-time of the clients operations which is backed by ongoing client support from the Cathexis engineering team.

Features including:

  • Unlimited cameras
  • Unlimited servers
  • Unlimited simultaneous viewing clients
  • Alarm management
  • Health monitoring and reporting
  • Interactive map interface
  • Multiple I.P camera video streams
  • Third party system integration support
  • Virtual matrix control
  • NAS storage support
  • SMART video motion detection
  • Synchronised and bi-directional audio
  • Multi-server software architecture to ensure system up-time
  • Setup wizards
  • Windows and Linux support

I.P camera support All Cathexis products are integrated with the most popular brands of I.P cameras with ONVIF and proprietary protocols. Integration includes audio, input/output control, on-camera (Edge) video analytics as well as panoramic camera support. A multi-head camera, although only requiring a single camera license, is added as multiple cameras to the site. A complete list of integrated cameras can be obtained from our database.