Cost Effective Solutions

The CathexisVision Lite packages bundle both software and camera licences in a range of extremely cost effective one-stop offerings.

The CathexisVision Lite one-off packages combine powerful features with entry level pricing and are designed for a single server environment of up to 48 camera channels per site.

The CathexisVision Lite configuration wizards will guide you through the simple setup process so that you can get your site up and running in no time at all.

The open architecture enables IP cameras, recording and viewing servers as well as third-party systems to be integrated seamlessly, providing clients with the best solutions and maximum return on investment.

Features like off-site monitoring, POS and access control integration, audio, health monitoring and many more features normally found in far more expensive solutions are offered in the CathexisVision Lite packages.

Features include:

  • Up to 48 camera channels per site
  • Up to three simultaneous clients
  • Setup wizards
  • On-board and Edge video motion detection
  • Audio support
  • I/O event control
  • Third-party system integration
  • System health monitoring and reporting
  • Windows and Linux support

IP camera support All Cathexis products are integrated with the most popular brands of IP cameras with ONVIF and proprietary protocols. Integration includes audio, input/output control, on-camera (Edge) video analytics as well as panoramic camera support. A multi-sensor camera, although only requiring a single camera license, is added as multiple cameras to the site. A complete list of integrated cameras can be obtained from our database.