Cathexis produces hardware and video surveillance solutions to satisfy most surveillance requirements, from your small retail outlet to a large enterprise sites with thousands of cameras.

Our products have evolved from analogue solutions into the powerful video management solutions that we have today. The Cathexis’ software throughout the product range has evolved into the powerful application packages that today form a stable, flexible, and highly integrated Video Management Software (VMS) suite.Major focus has been placed on ease of use, and software tools, to minimise on-site commissioning time, as well as up-front system design.

This suite is fully configurable to cater for applications requiring simple, user-friendly operator interfaces, as well as highly complex central monitoring requirements.

Our systems incorporate I.P. and Analogue Video recording and monitoring products, with video management software that includes integration with most of the world’s most popular I.P camera brands, a multi-site capability, advanced video analytics, motion tracking, complete event-driven alarm and recording functions, map support and a host of other features.An Application Programming Interface (API) enables other related systems manufacturers to integrate with Cathexis products, to supply customers with a single point of operation and information access.

The capability of our video management software to easily integrate deeply with 3rd party products, like Network I.P Surveillance Cameras, Access Control, Alarm and Fire panels, Weighbridges, Fence monitoring systems, Logistics scanning systems, and many others enable us to supply systems to our channel partners that offer holistic solutions beyond security.

This increases the customers return on investment, as they see the Cathexis solutions adding value in many aspects of their business. Considerable development effort has been put into the incorporation of health monitoring facilities, so that remote maintenance video management software can proactively resolve any potential problems before they manifest.

This forms a powerful tool and provides peace-of-mind for systems integrators and customers alike.