CathexisVision 2019 Newly Added Features
CathexisVision 2019 Newly Added Features
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The latest CathexisVision software release offers several new features, enhancements to existing features, and provides a greater emphasis on privacy and security. Cathexis continues striving to provide world leading software by using innovation to improve effectiveness and flexibility for all market sectors.Below is a summary of some of the features that have been included:

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CathexisVision 2019 Features

AI/ Object Classification

CathexisVision Video Analytics now uses Neural Network technology to enable us to classify objects (humans, vehicles, animals etc). When added to our sophisticated video analytics suite (which includes line-crossing and speed detection), object classification enhances our ability to create a more accurate decision-making environment and dramatically reduces false alarms.


new bookmarking feature provides a simple way to recall specific moments or incidents that were captured on live or pre-recorded footage. This feature provides the ability to preserve camera layouts in live or review mode, creating a bookmark that cannot be overwritten..

Camera Integration

1000’s of cameras are already supported and further camera integration has been added. Cathexis has added over 400 new IP Camera integrations, including cameras from the following brands: Arecont, ARH, Axis, Avtech, Bosch, Cisco, CP Plus, Dedicated Micros, Mobotix, Pelco, Sightlogix, TruVision, Uniview, and Vivotek.

Cyber Security – Encryption

In accordance with our ongoing quest to ensure system and data integrity, we have added improved security measures to our system. In addition to the existing secure, internal systems communication encryption, CathexisVision now supports encryption for all external site connections, and offers four, selectable encryption levels. We have also added secure IP camera connection and data encryption to further enhance security.


Heat-maps can be applied as overlays to selected cameras for a quick overview of areas of motion within a camera view. The heat-map shows a colour-map overlay on the video depicting the amount of motion within that camera view. With this new feature, CathexisVision uses data collated from the Motion Database in order to indicate areas of motion.

Reference Image Management

This feature provides the ability to ensure that cameras are always showing the desired view, thereby flagging deliberate or inadvertent camera tampering or position shifts. Any movement of the camera, or change in the camera view against a reference view, will be indicated in this feature with the percentage change of the current camera view vs the reference image shown.

Third Party Systems Integration

Third party systems such as alarm and fire panels, access control, point-of-sale, building and plant management systems, and perimeter monitoring equipment can be integrated with the Cathexis software to provide an extremely powerful single user interface, with video verification of events that occur on these systems. Rules-based actions can then be initiated from the event data
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