Cathexis RCK 3XYZ Rackmount

The Cathexis RCK 3XYZ Rackmount is a 19-inch 1 U rackmount tray which can take up to three of either the SAM-3204, ESP-3102, or EIO-3148, or a mix thereof. Plastic caps are provided which can be used to cover slots should all three not be required.

Keyboards and Joystick Controllers

This keyboard has been designed specifically to meet the needs of Digital Surveillance System (DSS) operators. The keyboard is fully programmable, providing exceptional integration with DSS functions.

With an ergonomic design and pleasing textured black finish, the KBD3000 is both an aesthetic and a functional effective complement to the powerful Digital Surveillance System

Network IO Devices

The network base IO expander device enables comprehensive access and control of remote in/output relays over an Ethernet network. In applications where an Ethernet network already exists, this is a significant cost-saver as it does away with the requirement for cabling. Through the CathexisVision software control, opening and closing of integrated relay contacts can be incorporated into any response of a critical event.

Video Encoders

The SAM video encoders integrates analogue cameras onto an I.P video solution by encoding the analogue feed into an Ethernet video stream. This enables you to embrace the latest network video technology while utilising your existing cameras, providing a cost-effective solution.