NVR Software

Cathexis’ NVR Software provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance solutions. Inculding various options, tools, and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements. Our NVR Software is suitable for variety of market sectors.

NVR Software

Cathexis is a market leader of NVR Software in the security industry. Our NVR Software provides an extensive range of sophisticated solutions. Our NVR software is capable of addressing all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors.

These sectors include retail, banking, mining, education, campuses, residential and commercial estates, manufacturing, healthcare, transport and logistics among many others.

The open architecture enables IP cameras, recording servers, viewing infrastructure, and third party systems suited to a particular application to be integrated seamlessly. This provides clients with optimum solutions and maximum return on investment.

CathexisVision NVR Software is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems. Our focus on “ease-of-use” has enabled us to produce a user-friendly interface that will facilitate an efficient and accurate system installation.

Cathexis caters for all surveillance scopes and solutions – ranging from a single site or a chain of retail stores to a complex multi-national organisation or mining operation with thousands of cameras. The CathexisVision NVR software range has a solution for you.

NVR Software

Tailored Solutions For All Security Requirements

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    Easy Setup

    Quick and easy setup

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    Security solutions that grow with your business

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    Smart Surveillance

    Intelligence system management

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    Detailed reports to improve your decision making

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    Going Support

    Professional and dedicated team support

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    Return On Investment

    Solutions that maximum return on investment.

CathexisVision Features

NVR Software

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate various security and business solutions into a centralised video management solution.

Camera Parameter Cloning (CPC)

Amazingly fast camera setup times. Copy a default configuration to as many site cameras as required.


Record all the activity of a clients computer screen as a virtual camera.


Maintaining your recordings and video management setup in the event of any site failures.

Supports most popular brands of IP cameras

Off-site and Multi-site Monitoring

Easy setup from a centralised management system to anywhere across the globe.

Setup Wizards

Quick and easy installations. Logical guides through the enitre setup process.

Video Analytics

Advanced analytics for movement and object detection, loitering, speed, line-crossing and much more.

Video Wall

Intelligent management of video displayed on multiple monitors for control room enviroments.

IP Video Management Software
IP Video Management Software

CathexisVision Integrations

NVR Software

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