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The Cathexis video management solution and software suite provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements.

With successful installations in some of the world’s largest coal, diamond, copper and platinum mines, Cathexis has built a solid reputation as a leading surveillance solutions provider for the mining security. Exceptional integration capability, real-time monitoring, and the ability to operate reliably in some of the world’s most hostile environments, have made Cathexis a leading global provider of mining surveillance solutions.


  • Multi-tier system management
  • I.P and analogue CCTV hybrid solutions
  • Megapixel camera support
  • Smart video analytics
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Access control integration
  • Remote and multiple site management capability
  • Centralised alarm management
  • Sophisticated health monitoring

Meeting mining security requirements

  • Power with flexibility
  • Full functionality in hostile environments
  • Integration capability
  • Real-time health-monitoring and optimal uptime

Mining security that go beyond surveillance

With seamless flexibility and scaleability, Cathexis provides the most ideal product solution, combined with all the necessary expertise and experience for mining security requirements. Cathexis goes beyond surveillance to offer a sophisticated management tool that enables operators and managers to function in a multi-tiered control environment.

Multi-tiered event management

Based on the understanding that any one site may have multiple CCTV cameras installed, Cathexis offers a “black-screen” approach to video and event management through the alarm management gateway. This system receives events, which are matched with actions. It allows for the escalation of events to second and third tiers of management. The system can also manage several sites form a central command centre.

Interactive Graphical Interface

The interactive user interface provides a visual representation of a site or multiple sites. Operators can navigate through multiple layers of maps to selected sites, drag-and-drop cameras to selected monitors, control outputs, and move PTZ cameras. Users can also navigate multiple sites throughout the enterprise with the map facility.

Video analytics

Cathexis offers a range of video analytics to improve the effectiveness of the system, including:

  • Smart video motion detection
  • Abandoned object analysis
  • Post object search
  • Loitering
  • Line crossing
  • Area transgression
  • Speed

The system also integrates with several specialised analytics devices. The analytics software provides triggers to the system, which enables it to take user defined actions depending on the specific trigger received.


One of the major differentiating features of Cathexis, is the capability to integrate various third-party systems. Integration is enhanced by predetermined actions upon information received from various systems and the association of specific actions for events.

Third-party systems include:

  • Access control
  • Alarm panels
  • Fire panels
  • Plant management systems
  • X-Ray systems

Health monitoring

The Cathexis solution provides continuous monitoring of all the components, including hardware and software integrity, providing automated warnings of any possible impending failure. Maintenance engineers can perform corrective maintenance before the system fails