CathexisVision 2022 Features
CathexisVision 2022 Features
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Our 2022 offering provides new features and products to optimise your VMS

CathexisVision 2022 builds on the software’s already powerful offering with several new features and enhancements that improve the product capability and operational effectiveness of your solution. Below is a summary of the major items you will find in this latest release.

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CathexisVision 2022 Software

CathexisVision 2022 Features

Additional Languages

  • We provide solutions worldwide, and continue to expand into more global market sectors. To support our customers, our software and documentation are available in multiple languages, and new translations are continually added. Multi-language support has been added to the CathexisVision Archive Player.

CathexisVision Carbon

  • New automatic monitoring tools
  • Option to inherit multiple user roles
  • Improved usability on existing CathexisVision Smart Search tools
  • Create customisable layouts
  • Easy to use mapping tool
  • Enhanced evidence building
  • Improved video rendering support


  • CatObserver now supports Ubuntu 20.04.

Network Cameras

  • CathexisVision supports the most popular brands of IP cameras. In CathexisVision 2022, the Dahua PTZ has been reworked, and an “Area Zoom” feature has been added. There have been ongoing updates of existing manufacturers’ drivers to accommodate new camera features

Third-Party Integrations

Our range of new integrations connect the power of the CathexisVision VMS to several third-party systems, enhancing site efficiency and operational effectiveness.

  • Nedap Access Control: CathexisVision now integrates with AEOS
  • CathexisVision integrates directly to Jablotron Alarm Panel through a serial port.
  • Vivotek LPR
  • The CathexisVision Multitone i-Message integration combines communication events with video management for safer workplaces.
  • A second version of the Commend Intercom has been added.

Video Analytics

Our video analytics offering uses deep neural network models to intelligently analyse scenes. Enhancements in CathexisVision 2022 amplify the power of our video analytics suite:

  • The addition of human pose and objects models ensures greater accuracy in detecting people
  • There is also the option to only run the object classifier when custom minimum motion is exceeded.
  • The object tracking algorithm now comes with local flare and noise suppression, and the addition of a framerate option.
  • Additional overlay options allow the solution to be tailored easily to your site’s requirements.

Video Wall

  • For the new accelerated CathexisVision video wall, the addition of pre-spooling of live video for salvos and sequences improves the time to first frame when the feeds are switched.