Logistics Security

In a time of abundant world trade, finding effective video surveillance solutions for logistics facilities is challenging.

Perimeters, container yards, restricted buildings and space, offices, high-value or bulk goods, and infrastructure: all of these need to be safeguarded in order to keep goods, employees and clients secure.At the same time, privacy needs to be respected and it is crucial to prevent cyber and physical security breaches.All of this needs to be achieved while enabling a quick turnaround.

Why is CathexisVision the best choice for logistics companies? The on-site operator can rely on one system, CathexisVision, to meet the complex video surveillance needs of the company.

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Logistics Brochure
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  • The CathexisVision system optimises both Security and Operational requirements.
  • Maximise efficiency and return on investment.
  • Prevent theft and improve health and safety.
  • Eliminate human error, improving efficiency.
  • Reduce the risk of theft and damage to containers, bulk goods and infrastructure.
  • Provide a safe and secure process flow that is easy to manage.
  • Intelligent video analytics can be used to detect and track people or vehicles in and around designated areas, and generate automated notifications and control room actions.
  • Fast, real-time alerts can quickly notify on- or off-site response teams of incidents.
  • Get real-time data on trucks, containers or bulk goods.
  • The Enterprise architecture provides a central management platform, enabling the management of sites in multiple locations across cities, countries or continents.

Perimeter Monitoring

Logistics sites are usually in industrial zones and the threat of breaches is constant. It is vital to protect site perimeters.

Cathexis helps security staff make informed decisions by offering sophisticated tools which work seamlessly with standard or thermal cameras to give real-time alerts.CathexisVision integrates with electronic fence monitoring systems, adding another layer of security.

The CathexisVision Analytics suite can be configured to:

  • Detect and classify objects such as vehicles, people or animals
  • Detect people walking up to or crossing the boundary, or entering forbidden areas
  • Notify the control room before an incident occurs.

The system offers sophisticated control room and alarm management solutions.

Container Yards

There is a lot of human and vehicular traffic in container yards, through stacking areas, roads and walkways, muster and debrief points, and access control turnstiles.

Our system gives operators the ability to:

  • Use number plate recognition to detect and identify trucks and other vehicles
  • Use container recognition software to track containers throughout the site
  • Quickly review footage on one or more cameras
  • Follow people or vehicles across multiple cameras through
  • Adjacent Camera Mapping
  • Use the SMART search feature to easily find events
  • Detect abandoned objects
  • Trigger events/alarms when there is unusual activity
  • Control PTZ cameras for object tracking
  • Archive video to media devices.

CathexisVision ensures that operators can easily view unusual events and take action.


The many types of buildings on a logistics site require customised solutions: from the gate house and general office blocks to flammable cargo housing, bulk goods or high-value warehousing, control room and security centre, canteens and more. Along with powerful search tools, video analytics and AI algorithms, CathexisVision offers:

  • Integration with products such as number plate or container recognition, access control, and fire panels
  • Integration with intercom systems, which allows operators to use bi-directional audio communication
  • Sophisticated procedures such as arming or disarming intrusion panels can be performed locally or remotely

Cathexis provides an API (Application Programming Interface) which enables third-party software to retrieve both video and data from the CathexisVision software.

Vehicle and roads

To ensure the security of the goods, staff and visitors on site, it is vital to monitor traffic in and out of the facility, as well as within the yard. To achieve this, CathexisVision offers:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition: configure automated actions for when a recognised plate falls within a designated group, and search the comprehensive database of license plates.
  • Object classification (AI algorithm): search for vehicles by type or colour on specific or multiple cameras.
  • Speed algorithm: alert operators or make recordings of vehicles travelling at speeds higher than a desired limit.
  • Container number recognition: through partners, we are able to match container numbers with number plates, so when the correct truck arrives with the correct container and driver, cargo can be delivered securely.

These measures meet both security and operational needs, increasing efficiency and turnaround times.

Access Control

CathexisVision is integrated with many premium access control systems, allowing video verification of access control transactions.

Access Control integration means that events can be created on specific types of transactions (such as anti-passback or after-hours activities), which will trigger site actions.

Site actions include:

  • Playing a notification
  • Switching a camera to a monitor
  • Moving a PTZ camera to automatically inform security staff.

CathexisVision allows users to search the access control database to find transactions and the associated footage.

Control Room

CathexisVision offers an effective user interface through these features:

Interactive Maps: Multi-layered maps enable users to focus on areas of interest and view cameras from selected areas. Users can configure graphical alerts and control third-party devices.

Alarm Management Gateway: A complete event management system allows events to be allocated priority levels, cameras, sites and maps.

SMART search features:
Users can quickly find footage of specific incidents.

Video wall: users can control monitors from a single panel, as well as tours of cameras and layouts.

Multi-site connection:
enables connection to multiple sites and concurrent viewing of cameras.

Finally, through the Cathexis Enterprise solution, operators can monitor and manage multiple sites across regions and continents, from a central management platform.