Database Shredding

Optional database shredding is a new feature that enables permanently destroying video older than the user-defined recording limit. This option offers the benefit of securing data privacy and security by destroying information and preventing it from getting into the wrong hands. The feature also has the secondary advantage of freeing up the database, and removing the worry of running out of recording space. It makes an invaluable contribution to the software, giving users greater power and agency over how recording is stored.

Extended filtering to scheduled metadatabase reporting

Cathexis is defined by its powerful integration capability and the metadatabase stores third party system information. Knowledge of, and control over, the metadatabase is achieved through scheduled metadatabase reporting, which allows users to create and edit reports, as well as search the metadatabase to extract information. In our 2020 software, extended filtering has been added to scheduled metadatabase reports, which enhances the reporting process, making it even easier for users to find the information they are looking for.

Video Ageing

Video ageing has been developed in response to customer demand for video to be managed more economically, both in terms of space and size. Cathexis has answered this call by building a dynamic tool for our 2020 software. This feature allows video footage in one database to be transcoded, in a reduced size, and stored for a longer time in a second database.

Motion recording made simple

We have introduced a simplified “motion recording” feature, which enables users to very quickly add motion recording to cameras or groups of cameras. While this feature does include some advanced settings (like flare and noise reduction), it does not replace our advanced Video analytics and event management system, which remains in place for more sophisticated configurations.

Camera Wizard

Our Camera Wizard has been improved and refreshed. This feature explains all the steps needed to add a camera, as well as allowing the creation of databases, schedules, and events along the way. In 2020, the end stage of the camera wizard has been made more efficient and scheduled recordings, motion recordings, and analytics recordings can be configured here.


Heat-maps can be applied as overlays to selected cameras for a quick overview of areas of motion within a camera view. The heat-map shows a colour-map overlay on the video depicting the amount of motion within that camera view. With this new feature, CathexisVision uses data collated from the Motion Database in order to indicate areas of motion.

Reference Image Management

This feature provides the ability to ensure that cameras are always showing the desired view, thereby flagging deliberate or inadvertent camera tampering or position shifts. Any movement of the camera, or change in the camera view against a reference view, will be indicated in this feature with the percentage change of the current camera view vs the reference image shown.

Cyber Security – Encryption

In accordance with our ongoing quest to ensure system and data integrity, we have added improved security measures to our system. In addition to the existing secure, internal systems communication encryption, CathexisVision now supports encryption for all external site connections, and offers four, selectable encryption levels. We have also added secure IP camera connection and data encryption to further enhance security.

Text and Graphics overlays

CathexisVision has added even greater functionality to its video overlays to display text and other information from resident and third-party devices on the camera panels. Cathexis now has the ability to re-position text overlay blocks, and to change overlay sizes, text sizes, transparency and colour. We also now have the ability to overlay graphics (like active graphs for a metal detector integration or vehicle and driver images for ANPR).

Snap Search

The CathexisVision Adjacent Camera Mapping Feature allows for simplified and accurate camera selection, streamlining the process to follow people or specific incidents taking place on site, by eliminating the need to remember camera names and locations in a crisis.

New API for integration

The new Application Programming Interface (API) provides for added functionality and more contemporary HTTP/RTSP/SIP protocol. In addition, it provides a user-friendly solution to interface third party systems, including: Building Management Systems, Physical Security Information System (PSIM) and Situational Awareness Platforms. Cathexis has also added a sample application to make the integration simpler and perform intermittent troubleshooting.

Camera Anti-Tamper Tamper

CathexisVision 2017 comes with complete anti-tamper technology, which will notify the control room via an alarm in the event of any IP surveillance camera tempering, including: lens covering or spray painting. Clients can also include a user-defned specific action for the alarm, to which the person tampering with the device will be unaware of.

64-Bit Operating Systems

CathexisVision 2017 is well-equipped for future enhancement, and this has been achieved through signi­ficantly improving the overall operating system. Clients will benefit from the fact that CathexisVision software makes full use of recording and client viewing server hardware.

Airport Security and Operations

Cathexis Technologies provides Video Surveillance Management Software solutions that meet the demands of the most challenging security applications around the world. Through its flagship open platform IP Video Management Software Suite, CathexisVision, comes a feature-rich security and infrastructure management tool that satisfies all security and operational management requirements.

Izinga Estates Case Study

Izinga Estate is a high-end residential estate comprised of four separate gated communities, located just north of uMhlanga Ridge in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Designed for discerning buyers that are looking for luxurious coastal living combined with the tranquillity of coastal life, Izinga Estate has become one of the most sought-after residential investments in the region.

Mining Security Case Study

Developing a security management system for the mining sector is not a simple task. Mining operations are typically characterised by multiple sites in several remote locations, often based in hostile environments with extremely limited infrastructure. In addition to preventing incidents that involve security breaches and theft, the security or risk management plan must take a number of other factors into consideration, including occupational health and safety and the threat of labour unrest by hundreds of workers on site.

Government Security

Cathexis has been entrusted with the safety and security of people and assets in a wide variety of government institutions around the world, including: buildings, facilities and operations. CathexisVision offers a comprehensive suite of services, specifically tailored to this high security sector.

Alarm Management Gateway

The CathexisVision Alarm Manager software provides this interface with complete alarm logs and the ability to “escalate” alarms to supervisors. A comprehensive reporting facility is included in the software. Similarly, when monitoring multiple sites from a central location, the alarm manager receives alarms from the various sites and provides an automatic connection to the sites initiating the alarm. Alarm video previews with pre- and post-event clips can be automatically downloaded and archived at the control room.


CathexisVision provides complete redundancy by way of its elegant failover feature. This ensures that if any recording and video management server fails on a site, a “failover server” will automatically perform the tasks of the failed server. To add to this, when the failed server is replaced, all configuration and recorded footage will be automatically ported back to the replacement server. This ensures that your site runs seamlessly through the whole process.


CatObserver is a feature that enables a selected viewing monitor to be configured as a “virtual camera” so that all the activity viewed on this computer screen is recorded. Advantages include easy archiving and access to all that an operator has viewed during an incident without having to archive or access multiple cameras’ footage.

Health Monitoring

We regard system “up-time” as paramount. The Cathexis Health Manager provides real-time analysis of the system and can be configured to send alarms to selected recipients if problems are detected. Camera failures, hard drive analysis, environmental conditions, communication integrity, software errors, and many more parameters are monitored to provide peace of mind. The software also provides full reporting capability to enable you to generate system status reports.

Video Analytics

CathexisVision provides its own analytics suite as well as the facility to integrate on-camera (Edge) analytics. Algorithms provided by Cathexis include a multi-zone “SMART” learning motion detection algorithm, abandoned or removed object detection, loitering, speed, direction, line crossing, queue length analysis and object counting. Our user friendly interface allows you to easily configure the algorithms, using both live and recorded video footage.

Healthcare Security

From security and building management to public liability verification, Cathexis has the ideal Surveillance Solution for the Hospitality Sector. From some of the world’s leading hotels in the Middle East, to famous casinos in the USA – CathexisVision is the software suite of choice to minimise risk and increase operational efficiencies.

Manufacturing Security

Cathexis has built a solid reputation in the global industrial sector, with installations at key manufacturing and industrial locations. Cathexis surveillance solutions ensure a high degree of quality control and safety in the work environment, with the capacity for exceptional integration capability, real-time monitoring, and the ability to operate reliably in any environment.

Mining Security

With successful installations in some of the world’s largest coal, diamond, copper and platinum mines, Cathexis has built an enviable reputation as a leading surveillance solutions provider for mining security. Exceptional integration capability, real-time monitoring, and the ability to operate reliably in some of the world’s most hostile environments, have made Cathexis a leading global provider of mining surveillance solutions.

Logistics Security

With successful installations around the globe, Cathexis has built a solid reputation as a leading surveillance solutions provider for the Logistics Security and Warehousing sector. The Cathexis range of features includes exceptional integration capability, real-time monitoring, as well as the ability to operate reliably in any high-pressure, high-risk environment.

Hospitality Security

From security and building management to public liability verification, Cathexis has the ideal Surveillance Solution for the Hospitality Sector. From some of the world’s leading hotels in the Middle East, to famous casinos in the USA – CathexisVision is the software suite of choice to minimise risk and increase operational efficiencies.

Education Security

From small primary schools, to tertiary institutions spanning the size of a small town, Cathexis has met the surveillance requirements of many of the most prestigious institutions worldwide. Educators, learners, and visitors are protected within a secure environment where incidents of violence, drug dealing and other criminal activities are significantly decreased by the presence of 24/7 surveillance solutions. CathexisVision provides integrated surveillance solutions that meet the high security demands required for these environments.

Banking Security

Cathexis provides an extensive range of surveillance solutions that meet the unique requirements of financial institutions and banking security. In addition to demonstrating the high security demands within these financial institutions, the Cathexis suite of software provides a customer management system, which has a direct impact on the operational efficiency of the organisation.

Retail Security

From the high streets of London, to shopping malls in Australia, flagship department stores in South Africa and franchise outlets in the USA, the world’s leading retailers are using Cathexis solutions to minimise risk and improve operational efficiencies, providing a real return on surveillance investment.

Property Security Case Study

How to improve your effectiveness and return on investment Security solutions for both residential and commercial property are becoming more sophisticated as technology advances. Nowadays there are many more tools available with which to combat possible threats. Improved network bandwidth and infrastructure, advancing CCTV technology and larger hard drives are just some of the offerings that enable the intelligent Solutions Provider to deliver superior and efficient solutions to the property industry.