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Integration Brochure
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The CathexisVision Integration Feature provides a powerful enhancement to the world-class, feature-rich CathexisVision Video Surveillance Management Software.

CathexisVision goes beyond surveillance to offer a sophisticated and fully integrated infrastructure and security management system.  The software truly delivers maximum return on client investment.

Seamless third-partythird-party systems integration, easy installation, and exceptional ease-of-use have made CathexisVision the preferred surveillance software solution for global market sectors, including retail, banking, mining, education, residential, commercial, healthcare, transport, logistics, and city surveillance.

At Cathexis Technologies, we believe that any system transaction or event can be enhanced by the association of synchronised video. Because of this, integration has become one of the defining and differentiating features of CathexisVision. Integrations include: Access Control, Alarm Panels, Fire Panels, Analytics, and Building Management Systems.

This seamless integration provides an extremely powerful, single-user interface. It is enhanced by video verification of events that occur, as well as rules-based events that can be initiated from event data. The integration provides a dramatically enhanced control room environment by improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Integration enables the system to guide the CCTV operators to specific cameras associated with third-party system events, which speeds up response times.. Control room operators enjoy an improved and efficient environment by through having the system automatically choose cameras to view based on events or alarms from Access Control Systems, Alarm Panels, and Fence Monitoring Systems. .

The CathexisVision Integration Suite includes:

  •    Full support and compatibility with over 300 of the world’s most popular IP camera brands.
  • The Application Programming Interface (API) provides for added functionality and more contemporary HTTP/RTSP/SIP protocol.
  • API provides a user-friendly solution to interface third-party systems, including: Building Management Systems, Physical Security Information System (PSIM), and Situational Awareness Platforms.
  • An impressive portfolio of integrations with the world’s leading suppliers of IP Cameras, Access Control, Alarm Panels, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Counters, Environmental Monitoring, Fence Management, Fire Panels, IO Devices, Point of Sale, Video Analytics, and Weighbridges.
  • A powerful single-user interface.
  • Automatic selection of viewing cameras based on third-party system events.
  • Rules-based actions grounded in video verified event data.
  • Full compatibility with the world’s leading third-party systems.
  • Advanced security applications for a wide variety of applications.

Generic Integration Capability

While different integrations provide different functionality, the fundamental features available across all integrations provide the ability to:

  • Receive and log transactions from third-party systems.
  • Associate one or more cameras with the transaction node ( for example: Access Control Door and Alarm Panel Zone).
  • Mine the transaction database via a series of smart filters in order to retrieve transaction data and associated video footage, both locally and remotely.
  • Create events and associated actions based on specific system transactions.

For example:

  • Switch a camera to a selected monitor, or panel, on a video wall.
  • Enable an I/O port.
  • Send an email or SMS with event information.
  • Send an alarm to a local or remote command centre or control room.
  • Play a pre-selected audio message.
  • Display an event related notification on a map.
  • Record video to a selected database.

Integration Applications

IP Cameras

CathexisVision includes integration with hundreds of different types of IP cameras from most of the world’s popular IP camera manufacturers. Capability is camera dependent but may include:

  • Manufacturer specific SDK integration
  • ONVIF support
  • Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) interface
  • Multiple video streams
  • Synchronised and bidirectional audio
  • Ability to receive event triggers from the cameras

Access Control

Cathexis has integrated numerous Access Control Systems, which have been successfully implemented on a global scale. The major benefit provided by the Access Control integration is its ability to associate Access Control Doors with selected video footage in a searchable database, including the Fast-Track Feature. Notably, the Fast-Track Feature enables the user to follow selected people through multiple doors.

Alarm Panels

This provides the capability to record selected cameras and generate footage. Cameras can be automatically switched to monitors so that the control room operators know which cameras to view, depending on the specific event received. The database enables  easy searching to find  alarms and associated video footage.

Fence Management

Fence monitoring systems typically have multiple “zones”, set up on fences around a perimeter. One of the problems for control room operators is knowing which cameras to view once a fence “zone” alarm has been received. An integrated solution will increase the efficiency of the control room environment by automatically displaying one or more surveillance cameras associated with the specific fence zone, dramatically enhancing the control room environment.

Fire Panel

A fire alarm is generally associated with a sense of urgency where decisions need to be taken accurately and quickly. In large buildings, there may be hundreds of smoke detectors and other fire detection devices, and there may also be hundreds of surveillance cameras.

An integrated solution enables the control room operators to view cameras at the location from where the fire alert was initiated. Cameras can be automatically selected by the system for viewing by the operator, which adds huge value, especially in a time of stress, where decisions can lead to saving lives.

Money Counters

Money counter integration has been successfully used for Banking and CIT (Cash-In-transit) customers.

Point Of Sale

There is often collusion between till operators and shoplifters. This is called “sweet-hearting”, and involves a shopper arriving at the till point, with a high-value item, which is then scanned by their “buddy” or “sweetheart” with a different, low-value barcode. To the naked eye, the scan looks normal, but with synchronised video verification of the transaction, one can identify anomalies.

Unusual refunds and many other strange transactions that indicate theft or shrinkage are also easily identified via an integrated video/POS solution.


Cathexis has many clients who use weighbridges to manage the distribution and sale of vehicle payloads. For identification purposes, video verification of the weighbridge transaction can provide associated video and/or snapshots of License Plates, Payloads, and the driver. This makes it extremely easy to detect a disputed or suspicious transaction and find the associated information.

Barcode Readers

Barcode Readers are used extensively in the logistics sector, where there is a need to have video verification of all parcels scanned in and out of warehouses. Any dispute regarding a damaged parcel, or one that has missing goods, can be easily resolved by searching the CathexisVision database for the relevant barcode. The user will be automatically presented with the video footage associated with that specific barcode transaction.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental monitoring systems are usually utilised in data centers, or in any other instance where “uptime” is critical.

Events from these systems can be received by the CathexisVision system to create alerts for operators.

Video Analytics

While CathexisVision provides its own analytics suite, we realise that in some cases specialised analytics may be required. In order to accommodate this, we provide an integration with the 3rd party analytics system, enabling CathexisVision to receive alerts and take actions as outlined in the “Integration Capabilities” section ( page 3 of this document).

Other Integrations

Because we believe that any system transaction or event can be enhanced by the automatic association of synchronised video, we continue to add integration options to our CathexisVision software.