Cathexis POS

CathexisVision Integration


The Cathexis POS device sends and receives UTF-8 encoded XML messages over UDP and can be used to integrate POS systems. A POS simulator is also included to assist with implementation.
Video /Data Association: Yes
Camera Overlays : Yes
Event Control: Yes
Database Search: Yes
Interactive and Map Control: Yes (Supported from 2019 Service Pack 2 and later)

CCPS-3000 Cathexis POS bundle

CCPS-2000 Cathexis POS device

CCPS-1001 Cathexis POS till

CathexisVision Version: CathexisVision 2019 Service Pack 1 and later

Cathexis POS Integration Guide

Cathexis POS Integration Guide.pdfDownload
Cathexis POS Integration White Paper.pdfDownload
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