Video Surveillance Management Software

CathexisVision, Video Surveillance Management Software, provides sophisticated surveillance features to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors.

Tailored Solutions For All Security Requirements

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    Easy Setup

    Quick and easy setup

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    Security solutions that grow with your business

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    Smart Surveillance

    Intelligence system management

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    Detailed reports to improve your decision making

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    Professional and dedicated support team

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    Return On Investment

    Solutions that maximise return on investment.

CathexisVision Features

Video Surveillance Management Software

Advanced Camera Mapping

Adjacent Camera Mapping Feature allows for simplified and accurate camera selection

Camera Parameter Cloning (CPC)

Amazingly fast camera setup times. Copy a default configuration to as many site cameras as required.

Object Classification

CathexisVision Video Analytics now uses Neural Network technology to enable us to classify object.

Advanced Video Search

Advanced Video Search Features offer a sophisticated suite of tools that dramatically speed up the process of viewing pre-recorded footage.

Cyber Security

In accordance with our ongoing quest to ensure system and data integrity, we have added improved security measures to our system

Video Analytics

Advanced analytics for movement and object detection, loitering, speed, line-crossing and much more


The ANPR software allows for the identification and capturing of number plate information via cameras and databases.


Adjacent Camera Mapping Feature allows for simplified and accurate camera selection


Video Wall

Intelligent management of video displayed on multiple monitors for control room environments.

Video Surveillance Management Software
Video Surveillance Management Software
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Video Surveillance Management Software

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Video Surveillance Management Software

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Cathexis specialises in integration

When most people hear that Cathexis is a video surveillance company, they think that recording and playing back video is the extent of our capability and usefulness. Video is our major component, but providing holistic security and operational management solutions for our customers is our top priority. CathexisVision specialises in integrated infrastructure. The integration of multiple systems is intrinsic and essential to our goal of creating an effective and efficient…

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Video Surveillance Management Software