As a value-added service, Cathexis offers training to its partners and customers. The course is an instructor-led classroom experience that leads candidates through the software’s features.

Places are secured once the course fee has been paid.

Successful candidates will receive CathexisVision certification

Candidates will learn:

  • CathexisVision’s licensing model
  • CathexisVision’s capabilities
  • How to identify system components
  • Installation and setup
  • Fault-finding methodology

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Do you work with a Cathexis partner?

This course is valuable for system administrators, pre-sales engineers, support engineers or anyone who would like to gain in-depth knowledge of CathexisVision. Primarily, Cathexis partners and system installers send their technical staff on the course.

Training Terms and Conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions for the remote Cathexis training course. The full T&Cs will be provided when candidates sign up for the course.

  • Places are regarded as booked once payment is received by Cathexis (COD clients or purchase orders from existing customers).
  • The training course will be held over a 5-day period, during which there will be remote learning sessions at 2h 30min each.
  • After the learning sessions have been completed, each candidate will take a 2-hour practical exam to achieve certification in using CathexisVision.
  • Cathexis certification requires a minimum of 70% pass mark on the certification exam.
  • To enrol for this online instructor-led course, send an email to [email protected] with your training requirements.
  • If payment is not received within 10 working days from the course commencement date the training request will be considered as cancelled.
  • After course registration and payment has been completed a confirmation email stating confirmation of the booked seat will be sent to the candidate/employer of the candidate.
  • For all Cathexis courses, substitutions are allowed up to 48 working hours prior to any class start. Contact Cathexis Training at least 48 working hours in advance of class start to arrange for a substitution of a candidate.
  • No refunds or rescheduling is permitted if you fail to contact Cathexis Training within the described cancellation policy timeline.
  • Cathexis certification will be provided to the candidates that achieve a minimum of 70% pass mark on the certification exam. Please note that a certificate can only be issued once the full Training Terms & Conditions form has been completed and returned to Cathexis.
  • Candidates that fail can re-take the exam once without enrolling in the course again. If a candidate fails the second practical exam, the candidate will need to reapply for the course and pay a revised fee, as agreed with Cathexis.
  • Certification is valid for a period of 3 years from date of issue.

It is our intent to avoid cancellation or rescheduling of any training events. Unfortunately circumstances occasionally require for a class to be cancelled or rescheduled either by the candidate or Cathexis.

  • All cancellations must be confirmed in writing and not by telephonic conversation for record purposes.
  • Cancellations received up to 10 working days prior to the scheduled class date will not be charged the training fee.
  • Cancellations received 1-10 working days prior to the scheduled class date will be invoiced at the rate of 50% of the full training fee at the discretion of Cathexis.
  • No-shows are subject to payment of the full training fee; a substitute date can be provided at the discretion of Cathexis regarding the rescheduling circumstances for the region.
  • Please note that if you do not cancel or do not attend the class you will be responsible for payment of the full training fee.
  • Ensure to contact the Cathexis Training team via email at least 10 working days prior to your class start date, in order to reschedule.
  • Cathexis reserves the right to cancel or postpone a scheduled training class based on minimum attendance requirements, instructor availability, or other reasons, at Cathexis sole discretion.
  • If your class is cancelled, you will be notified via email at least 48 working hours in advance of the class start. Cathexis will make every effort to reschedule the class at no further cost in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Cathexis reserves the right to replace a potential candidate if his/her payment has not been completed irrespective of previous communication. A replacement date of training will be submitted to a candidate that has been replaced.
  • Computer Literacy – all candidates must have basic computer knowledge
  • General knowledge of camera configuration and network setup
  • An internet connection with the relevant network access to an external Cathexis site for each candidate.
  • A computer with two monitors (one for viewing the presenter and the other for using the Cathexis Software)
  • The Zoom application installed on the machine for the remote lessons
  • A headset and webcam

Cathexis requires personal information to be collected in order to record attendance and generate certificates. The personal information collected from trainees will only be used for this purpose, in a lawful and transparent manner. Cathexis is committed to protecting your privacy and protecting any personal information you provide to us. Cathexis will not divulge any information to third parties for whatsoever reason without obtaining prior consent to do so.