A powerful new interface

CathexisVision Carbon

Carbon is a sleek user interface with an enhanced feature set.

With improved performance, Carbon offers the ultimate in

operator ease-of-use.


Carbon is easy to navigate, simplifying the monitoring of CathexisVision sites.

  • New automatic monitoring tools 
  • Option to inherit multiple user roles 
  • Improved usability on existing CathexisVision smart search features
  • Enhanced video rendering support 
  • Create customisable layouts 
  • Fast retrieval of events and footage with metadatabase search and filter tools 
  • Easy to use mapping tool 
  • Powerful evidence building 
  • Advanced fisheye dewarping and video scaling 
  • Shared access to resources across multiple remote devices 
  • Comprehensive streaming statistics 


CathexisVision Carbon 4.1 Manual
Size: 5.86 MB

Tutorial Videos

Roles and groups provide unlimited user access levels, allowing you to customise the solution. Metadatabase search and filter tools enhance functionality and enable faster retrieval of events and associated footage. Map and export tools are easy to use.