Camera edge recording

The ability to record video to an IP camera’s on-board storage ensures that no video footage is lost in the event of network infrastructure failure. Although CathexisVision has always the ability to manage and retrieve edge recordings, the solution has been enhanced by enabling CathexisVision to automatically recover this footage from the edge and re-insert…

Physical distancing algorithm

Physical distancing is a key step in lowering the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Another algorithm, people proximity, has been added to CathexisVision’s analytics options. Using the latest functionality in CathexisVision, the software tracks activity using people proximity analytics, automatically identifying instances in which people are closer than the configured distance.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Also known as LPR (License Plate Recognition), we make use of a Character Recognition Algorithm through which the license plate details of vehicles can be identified. The sophisticated algorithm has been proven in more than 200 countries and works with both standard visible light cameras and specialised ANPR cameras, depending on the requirements and the environment.

Video analytics

CathexisVision provides its own analytics suite as well as the facility to integrate on-camera (Edge) analytics. Algorithms provided by Cathexis include a multi-zone “SMART” learning motion detection algorithm, abandoned or removed object detection, loitering, speed, direction, line crossing, queue length analysis and object counting. Our user friendly interface allows you to easily configure the algorithms, using both live and recorded video footage.