Physical distancing algorithm

Physical distancing is a key step in lowering the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Another algorithm, people proximity, has been added to CathexisVision’s analytics options. Using the latest functionality in CathexisVision, the software tracks activity using people proximity analytics, automatically identifying instances in which people are closer than the configured distance.


Heat-maps can be applied as overlays to selected cameras for a quick overview of areas of motion within a camera view. The heat-map shows a colour-map overlay on the video depicting the amount of motion within that camera view. With this new feature, CathexisVision uses data collated from the Motion Database in order to indicate areas of motion.

AI – object classification

CathexisVision Video Analytics now uses Neural Network technology to enable us to classify objects (humans, vehicles, animals etc). When added to our sophisticated video analytics suite (which includes line-crossing and speed detection), object classification enhances our ability to create a more accurate decision-making environment and dramatically reduces false alarms.