Camera edge recording

The ability to record video to an IP camera’s on-board storage ensures that no video footage is lost in the event of network infrastructure failure. Although CathexisVision has always the ability to manage and retrieve edge recordings, the solution has been enhanced by enabling CathexisVision to automatically recover this footage from the edge and re-insert…

Dynamic video stream selection

CathexisVision uses dynamic video stream selection to optimise the displaying of live video on video wall monitors. Intelligent selection of the matched video stream to the display resolution of the monitor is achieved by selecting the camera video stream with the lowest resolution that matches the display area on the selected video monitor whilst maintaining…

Camera wizard

Our Camera Wizard has been improved and refreshed. This feature explains all the steps needed to add a camera, as well as allowing the creation of databases, schedules, and events along the way. In 2020, the end stage of the camera wizard has been made more efficient and scheduled recordings, motion recordings, and analytics recordings can be configured here.

Camera anti-tamper

CathexisVision 2017 comes with complete anti-tamper technology, which will notify the control room via an alarm in the event of any IP surveillance camera tempering, including: lens covering or spray painting. Clients can also include a user-defned specific action for the alarm, to which the person tampering with the device will be unaware of.