The CathexisVision solution supports thousands of cameras from the most popular global brands. Integration is approached in two ways:


ONVIF is an international security industry forum that promotes standardisation and interoperability of IP-based products. ONVIF conformance means that a product conforms with one or more ONVIF profiles, which specify the features it must have to be interoperable with other conformant products. Being on the authoritative ONVIF Conformant Product List, CathexisVision has met the technical requirements set by ONVIF. As an end user, you can trust that Cathexis is a member of and has been vetted by a global security industry standards-setter.

CathexisVision’s conformity with Profiles G and S make it easy to recognise its compatibility with other systems. ONVIF-S is the standard by which CathexisVision integrates with all ONVIF-compliant IP cameras and devices. ONVIF-G capability enables third-party systems to retrieve video from the CathexisVision system, facilitating integrations with building management, PSIMs and many other systems.

Native drivers

The CathexisVision solution also supports native driver support for numerous popular IP camera brands, including Axis, Pelco, Bosch, Hanwha, Dahua, Vivotek and many more. The IP camera manufacturers provide SDKs to integrate the cameras to enable best performance, access to the features as well as video quality available from that camera.

Cathexis IP Camera Support Brochure

Cathexis IP Camera Support.pdfDownload

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