CathexisVision uses dynamic video stream selection to optimise the displaying of live video on video wall monitors. Intelligent selection of the matched video stream to the display resolution of the monitor is achieved by selecting the camera video stream with the lowest resolution that matches the display area on the selected video monitor whilst maintaining the maximum possible pixel density of the displayed image.

The major benefit is that the Viewing Station CPU and Memory decoding load is significantly reduced for multiple dynamic video stream camera views, allowing for an increased number of camera views for the same hardware requirements. Conversely due to the improved efficiency of the Viewing Station video decoding, a hardware cost saving can be achieved with the specification of a lower performance CPU and/or lower memory requirement.

If for instance as per the attached/above graphic the monitor is HD, then a single HD stream will be sufficient to provide a single full screen image at this resolution. If the requirement is for the simultaneous viewing of 4x HD cameras then to maintain the same pixel density for each camera image, only a ¼ HD video stream is required from each camera to achieve maximum full screen resolution of HD for all 4 video streams.