CathexisVision video management software provides an extensive range of surveillance solutions that meet the requirements of the banking and finance sector. Cathexisvision protects people and resources, promotes operational efficiency, and reduces risks to infrastructure.

Linking video surveillance to a range of operations,
CathexisVision can manage systems across all areas of a site. Outstanding integration capability, reliability, and scalability make CathexisVision an ideal security solution for banking and finance, offering a significant return on investment.

Banking Brochure
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Key features

  • CathexisVision does the analysis for you, optimising the control room environment.
  • Fast, real-time alerts allow response teams to react quickly to incidents.
  • System reliability and low maintenance maximise up-time and cost-effectiveness.
  • By performing automated functions, video analytics create an easy-to-monitor site.
  • Cybersecurity and privacy features help you address compliance and data protection.
  • Third-party systems integration amplifies the value of the CathexisVision solution.
  • The solution can be tailored to meet the site’s unique needs.

Perimeter Monitoring

CathexisVision’s in-house engineered video analytics suite can be configured to detect line crossing, or when a person crosses perimeter boundaries. The software incorporates electronic fence monitoring systems, as well as cameras, bolstering security and assisting staff in making informed decisions. These tools swiftly guide operators to problem areas, allowing them to take immediate action.

Smart Site Management

Banking requires maximum security, and up to hundreds of cameras to monitor. CathexisVision has the capacity to manage large installations and data effectively. Our multi-site architecture facilitates management of multiple locations including cameras, data, and additional systems. Through AI-powered video analytics, the system can create automatic alerts in response to unusual activity. Smart Search tools empower operators to locate video footage of incidents easily. Complex procedures, such as arming intrusion panels, can be performed locally or remotely.

AI-powered video analytics algorithms analyse scenes automatically.

Count People

  • Monitor the number of people entering and exiting the bank.
  • Gain valuable information for analysing trends, customer service and people flow.


  • Detect people loitering in a certain area based on a timer. For example, an alarm can be sounded if a person stands near an ATM for longer than a specified time.

Waiting Times & Abandoned Objects

  • Improve customer service by monitoring client waiting times and sending a notification if someone stops in a waiting area for longer than a specified time.
  • Alert the control room to potential threats by recognising objects and detecting when an item has been left unattended. .

Queue Length

  • Detect whether a queue is occupied for too long, which may indicate a problem or staff shortage. The system can notify staff or sound a notification.


Analytics and Cameras

  • Integration with most popular camera brands and specialised analytics devices.

Smoke and Fire Detection

  • CathexisVision integrates with fire and smoke alarm panels to facilitate a calm and targeted response in emergencies.
  • Operators are guided to footage showing which zone has been triggered.

Access Control and Alarm Panels

  • Access control integration enables automatic responses to incidents such as anti-passback or after-hours activity.
  • Seamless management of intruder alarm panels and staff attack alarm systems.
  • Operators are notified when an alarm is triggered, together with footage and map location of incidents.
  • All evidence can be stored or escalated to management

Money Counting

  • Integration with money counting devices enables cameras to be configured to record when a transaction begins.
  • Associated footage can be databased along with relevant data, such as counting totals