Our video management software monitors and protects the perimeters, grounds, and buildings of small and large properties alike – from retail centres and residential estates to industrial sites and office parks.

The power of the CathexisVision Software lies in its ability to offer speed, efficiency and effectiveness – all in one fully integrated solution. A series of pre-determined actions, based on alarm triggers received, accelerate operator efficiency and allow for instant control room reaction.

Exceptional integration capability, real-time monitoring, and the ability to operate reliably in any climate, makes Cathexis a leading global provider of property security solutions.

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Key features

  • CathexisVision does the analysis for you, optimising the control room environment.
  • Fast, real-time alerts allow response teams to react quickly to incidents.
  • System reliability and low maintenance maximise up-time and cost-effectiveness.
  • By performing automated functions, video analytics create an easy-to-monitor site
  • Cybersecurity and privacy features help you address compliance and data protection.
  • Third-party systems integration amplifies the value of the CathexisVision solution.
  • The solution can be tailored to meet your site’s unique needs.

Perimeter Monitoring

Protect people and keep grounds, buildings, and assets secure at all hours

  • Integration with electric fences protects property perimeters.
  • The Video Analytics suite identifies whether motion approaching the fence is caused by a person, animal, or vehicle, and detects presence in forbidden zones. This systematic approach to detection using intelligent technology allows hundreds of cameras to be monitored simultaneously.
  • Lights and alarms can be configured to respond automatically to security threats

Video Analytics

  • Deep learning neural networks analyse footage and enable the system to create alerts when unusual activity is detected. This reduces human error and ensures greater accuracy in detecting security breaches.
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms are able to detect motion, identify objects or human presence in designated zones, and differentiate humans from animals at property perimeters.
  • Specific rules can be applied, such as detecting loitering or stopping in a certain area.
  • These tools work together to detect threats, such as people entering forbidden areas containing valuable assets, or unusual activity after hours.

CathexisVision provides 24/7 vehicle management for residential or commercial properties.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  • (ANPR) manages automatic actions for recognised plates: boom-gate access may be granted when a plate matches an authorised list, or an alarm can be triggered when a denied plate is detected.


  • Text overlays display resident or staff information over video footage of vehicles entering and exiting.

Object Classification

  • The Object Classification algorithm allows operators to search for vehicles by type and by colour, and to track speed and direction, as well as vehicles entering or exiting a forbidden area.

Database Search

  • Find license plates with CathexisVision’s comprehensive database search facility.


Through CathexisVision, manage multiple integrated systems and automate actions.

  • Access control
  • Alarm panels
  • Cameras
  • Fire panels