The CathexisVision video management software (VMS) solution provides smart technology and management tools to protect personnel, ensure operational efficiency, and reduce risks to infrastructure. CathexisVision links video monitoring with a powerful range of actions, and manages integrated systems, to address the security and operational requirements of manufacturing:

  • Remote and multi-site management
  • Reliability in all climate conditions
  • Centralised alarm management
  • Failover and camera anti-tamper
  • Environmental and fire alarm integration
  • Intrusion detection
  • Object classification and tracking
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Key features

  • CathexisVision does the analysis for you, optimising the control room environment.
  • Fast, real-time alerts allow response teams to react to incidents quickly.
  • System reliability and low maintenance maximise up-time and cost-effectiveness.
  • By performing automated functions, video analytics create an easy-to-monitor site.
  • Cybersecurity and privacy features help you address compliance and data protection.
  • Third-party systems integration amplifies the value of the CathexisVision solution.
  • The solution is scalable can be tailored to meet your site’s unique needs.

AI-Powered Video Analytics Suite

  • Analysis of workflow, motion, occupancy, abandoned objects, and vehicles.
  • Use analytics data to trigger actions.
  • Detect people crossing perimeter boundaries or entering unauthorized zones.
  • The object classification algorithm allows users to search for objects by type and using other filters.
  • Integration with specialised analytics devices provides triggers to the system so that user-defined actions can be automated.

Manage Vehicles and Parking

  • With Automatic Number Plate Recognition, licence plates can be compared to lists of plates in user-configured groups.
  • Automate actions (such as alarms or controlling third-party devices) for when a recognised plate falls within a designated group.
  • Find plates with CathexisVision’s comprehensive database search facility.
  • The speed algorithm provides alerts and recordings of vehicles travelling at speeds higher than a set limit.

Perimeter Monitoring

  • CathexisVision’s sophisticated tools work with standard or thermal cameras to give real-time alerts, assisting staff in making informed decisions.
  • Video analytics to detect perimeter breaches or loitering.
  • The software integrates with third-party electronic fence monitoring systems, amplifying security when used with video analytics.
  • These methods, paired with the control room and alarm management solution, guide operators to areas of concern, allowing them to take immediate action.

Protecting Public Spaces



  • Manage thousands of cameras, view events, and take action.
  • Through AI-powered video analytics, the system to create alerts in response to unusual activity in designated areas.
  • Search tools empower operators to find footage of incidents quickly and easily.
  • Complex procedures, such as arming intrusion panels, can be performed locally or remotely.

The Power of Integration

  • Integration with access control, fire panels, alarm panels, perimeter protection, license plate recognition, environmental management, analytics, and more.
  • CathexisVision provides video verification of third-party system events and links these to actions.
  • Bi-directional audio communication through intercom integration.
  • Create alerts, mine databases, or perform sophisticated procedures.
  • For example, if someone tries at enter an unauthorized area, an alarm can be triggered, and the operator can be alerted immediately.