Our smart technology and management tools protect staff and guests, enhance operations and reduce risks to infrastructure.

The CathexisVision video management software (VMS) solution can ensure the security of your hospitality site, improve operational efficiency, and provide a better experience for guests, visitors and staff. Linking video monitoring to a powerful range of operations, CathexisVision can manage systems across all areas of a site. From access control and automatic number plate recognition, to perimeter monitoring and point-of-sale – whatever your site’s needs, CathexisVision provides an integrated, comprehensive solution to ensure a facility that runs smoothly and safely.

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CathexisVision does the thinking for you, optimising the control room environment.
Fast, real-time alerts allow response teams to react quickly to incidents.
System reliability and low maintenance maximise up-time and cost-effectiveness.
By performing automated functions, video analytics create an easy-to-monitor site.
Cybersecurity and privacy features help you address compliance and data protection.
Third-party systems integration amplifies the value of the CathexisVision solution.
The solution can be tailored to meet your site’s unique needs

Protecting public spaces

Scenes in public areas of hospitality sites can be unpredictable, and there may be hundreds of cameras to monitor. With CathexisVision, operators can allocate cameras to users, view events and take action. Through video analytics (with AI algorithms), the system can create alerts in response to unusual activity. Our search tools empower operators to easily find footage of incidents. Complex procedures, such as arming intrusion panels, can be performed locally or remotely from CathexisVision. Integration with intercom systems enables operators to use bi-directional audio communication.

Perimeter monitoring

CathexisVision’s sophisticated tools work with normal or thermal cameras to give real-time alerts, assisting staff in making informed decisions to protect the site’s perimeter. CathexisVision’s in-house engineered video analytics suite can be configured to detect people crossing perimeter boundaries. The software integrates with third-party electronic fence monitoring systems, amplifying security when used with video analytics. These methods, along with the control room and alarm management solution, speedily guide operators to areas of concern, allowing them to take immediate action.

Third-party integrations

Analytics & cameras

CathexisVision integrates with many cameras and, in addition to our powerful analytics suite, integrates with specialised analytics devices.

Access control

By integrating with several premium access control systems, CathexisVision can automatically respond to incidents such as anti-passback or after-hours activity. Actions include playing notifications or moving a PTZ camera. For example, if someone tries at enter an unauthorized area, an alarm can be triggered, and the operator can be alerted immediately, with information and video verification of the event. Users can search the integration database for footage of specific events.

Point of sale monitoring

Cathexis has long provided point of sale solutions to the retail and hospitality sectors. Integrated solutions log the details of each transaction with the associated video. This databased information can be searched using filters such as date, time, till/transaction number, operator, voids, and item product code.

Smoke and fire detection

Fire and smoke alarm panels need to be monitored across buildings, and investigated immediately to protect guests and staff. By integrating with smoke and fire alarm panels, CathexisVision can immediately show operators which unit has been triggered via the Alarm Management Gateway, and display map locations and associated footage. Operators can thus easily confirm whether alarms require an emergency response.

Attack alarm systems

CathexisVision integrates with staff attack alarm systems, so that alerts can flag on the operator’s screen with an interactive site map showing the event’s location. Associated footage will automatically be databased, a case number can be allocated, and all evidence can be stored or escalated to management. The system can also notify other staff members that help is required.

Alarm panels

Intruder alarm panels covering several buildings can all be integrated with CathexisVision. Operators can be notified when an alarm is triggered, with map location and footage from the nearest cameras.

Video analytics

Detect speeding

CathexisVision’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition complements the surveillance solution. Licence plates can be compared to lists of plates in configured groups, such as staff or contractors. Automated actions can be configured for when a recognised plate falls within a designated group. For example, one may want to raise an alarm when a plate from an unauthorised group is detected. Conversely, a gate can be opened automatically for guests or staff. The software also offers a comprehensive database search facility for finding license plates.

Detect speeding

Our speed algorithm provides alerts and recordings of vehicles travelling at speeds higher than a set limit. Although this is not to be used for law enforcement, it can alert operators to unusual behaviour, and keep lanes safe for pedestrians.

Identify objects

The Cathexis AI object classification algorithm allows users to search for vehicles by type (for example car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or person). The algorithm also enables searching by colour, such as finding all “red trucks” within a specified time period on a specific camera, or across multiple cameras

Optimised control room

User-friendly interface

CathexisVision provides a user-friendly interface with which to manage the entire solution, and enables simultaneous connection to multiple sites with concurrent viewing of cameras from these locations.


A multi-layered map allows users to investigate areas of interest by clicking on an area, zooming in, and viewing selected cameras. The map provides graphical alerts from system events and enables users to control third-party devices.

Alarm management gateway

The Alarm Management Gateway is a complete event management solution, allowing users to assign priority levels, cameras, and maps to events. When an event is received, operators will be automatically guided to the camera and/or map, and procedures will be presented. All events and operator activities are databased.

Video wall

The video wall facilitates the control of many monitors from a single “mimic” panel, and enables tours of cameras and layouts on selected panels or monitors. On events, cameras can be automatically switched to selected monitors.