The Cathexis video management solution and software suite provides an extensive range of sophisticated video monitoring options, tools and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements.

Providing a video security solution for Educational facilities presents numerous unique challenges, particularly in the era of the smart campus. Perimeters, campus grounds, buildings, public spaces, and infrastructure all need to be secured in order to keep thousands of students, lecturers, and visitors safe, while simultaneously taking into account their privacy and preventing cyber security invasions.
CathexisVision seamlessly and professionally meets the demands of campus security, and here are just a few of our biggest strengths.

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Key features

  • Reducing the risk to campus infrastructure, as well as health and safety by applying intelligent surveillance techniques.
  • Implementation of technology to provide an effective and efficient “smart” campus environment through the use of sophisticated management tools.
  • Through our cutting-edge video analytics, we can perform many automated functions like detection of loitering and abandoned objects or tracking people and vehicles across a broad space, creating a campus that is transparent, easy to monitor and safe for staff, students, and visitors.
  • Providing fast, real-time alerts, making it possible for response teams to react quickly to incidents such as protests, fire, intrusion, and other threats.
  • Our suite of surveillance tools reduces the burden on control room operators. Our product does the thinking for you, creating an effective, efficient environment.
  • System reliability and maintenance, maximising up-time and reducing risk.
  • Addressing privacy and cyber-security compliance on various levels.

Perimeter protection

As the first point of entry to the campus, perimeter protection is of paramount importance.

Cathexis offers numerous sophisticated tools, which work seamlessly with normal or thermal cameras to provide real-time alerts, assisting security staff in making informed decisions.

For example, CathexisVision has its own video analytics suite which can be configured to detect people crossing perimeter boundaries. The software also integrates with 3rd party electronic fence monitoring systems, which provides a double layer of security when used in conjunction with CathexisVision video analytics.

These methods, in tandem with the sophisticated control room and alarm management solution, facilitate an effective environment and speedily guide operators to areas of concern, allowing them to take immediate action in pressurised situations..

Public spaces

Public spaces are some of the most difficult areas to monitor on campus. Recreational areas, parks, and sports fields attract a great deal of thoroughfare. The scenes and events that take place in public spaces are not always predictable and require a superior surveillance solution.

There may be many hundreds of cameras for operators to monitor, so it is extremely important to be able to allocate cameras, or groups of cameras, to specified users. It is also imperative to ensure that these users can easily view unusual events, and take action when they occur.

The system needs to provide operators the ability to:

  • Easily follow people or vehicles across multiple cameras without having to choose specific cameras. This objective is made possible with our adjacent camera mapping feature.
  • Use the smart search feature to easily find events of concern.
  • Quickly review footage on one or more cameras.
  • Control PTZ cameras for object tracking.
  • Use video analytics to trigger events after hours or during periods when these areas should be vacant, or when there is unusual activity.
  • Detect loitering or abandoned objects.
  • Archive video across one or more cameras to media devices


There are a broad spectrum of buildings within an educational facility; from public corridors and recreational areas to lecture halls, examination rooms, canteens, staff quarters, residential accommodation, and more. Each area in an educational facility requires unique, tailored solutions.

In this context, CathexisVision has many features that enable operators to take immediate action and make informed decisions.

Video analytics with artificial intelligence algorithms enable the system to create alerts when there is unusual activity in a designated area. In a complementary manner, our extensive suite of search tools empower operators to easily find footage relating to specific incidents.

Integration with third party products like access control, intrusion, and fire panels is a special strength of CathexisVision.

This gives Cathexis the capability to associate, display, and record cameras with events from other systems. Alerts can be created and databases mined, while more sophisticated procedures such as arming or disarming of intrusion panels can be performed either locally or remotely from the CathexisVision software. Integration with intercom systems also enables operators to use bi-directional audio communication.

Vehicles and roads

In most campuses there are parking areas, and on larger campuses there are roads within the campus grounds.

Controlling and monitoring traffic in these areas is vital in ensuring the security of students, staff, and visitors on campus.

CathexisVision offers automatic number plate recognition), which complements the video monitoring solution in several key ways. Licence plates can be compared to lists of plates in configured groups, for instance blacklists, staff groups, or contractor groups. There are automated actions configured for when a recognised plate falls within a designated group. For example, one may want to raise an alarm when a plate contained in the blacklist group has been detected. Conversely, when a plate within a staff group is identified, one may choose to open a boom-gate. The software also offers a comprehensive database search facility for finding license plates.

The Cathexis object classification algorithm, allows users to search for vehicles by type, for example car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or person. In addition, the algorithm enables searching by colour; one may want to find all “red trucks” within a specified time period on a specific camera, or across multiple cameras.

Our speed algorithm can also provide alerts and recordings of vehicles travelling at speeds higher than a desired limit. While this is not to be used for law enforcement, this feature will alert operators to unusual behaviour of this sort.

Access control

The system also integrates with several specialised analytics devices. The analytics software provides triggers to the system, which enables it to take user defined actions depending on the specific trigger received

Cathexis has integrated with many premium, globally used access control systems. Integration provides important video verification of access control transactions and delivers an effective management solution.

Access control integration enables the system to create events on specific transaction types (like anti-passback or after-hours transactions), which will in turn, trigger site actions. Examples of site actions include playing a notification, switching a camera to a monitor, and moving a PTZ camera in order to automatically inform the security staff of crucial events.

The Cathexis system gives users the ability to search the access control database to find specific transactions as well as the associated video footage.

Control room management

The system also integrates with several specialised analytics devices. The analytics software provides triggers to the system, which enables it to take user defined actions depending on the specific trigger received

In order for all features and integrations to add value, the control room environment needs to provide an effective user interface. CathexisVision achieves this through the following features:

Interactive Maps

A multi-layered map enables users to “drill-down” into areas of interest within a campus. From a general overview map, users can click on a map area, zoom into the area in question, and then select and view cameras from this section of the map. The map provides graphical alerts from one of the many events that can be configured on the system and also enables users to control third party devices.

Alarm management gateway

The alarm management gateway is a complete event management solution. Events can be allocated a priority level, as well as event-specific cameras, sites, and maps. Operators will be automatically guided to the exact camera and/or map upon the event reception. In addition, operator procedures will be automatically presented. A log of all events and operator activities is kept in the history database.

Smart search

As discussed in previous chapters of this document, Cathexis has several smart search features, which enable users to quickly find video footage of specific incidents.

Video wall

The video wall facilitates the control of many monitors from a single “mimic” panel. The video wall also enables tours of cameras, and tours of layouts, on selected panels or monitors. Furthermore, cameras can be automatically switched to selected monitors on events.

Multi-site connection

Some educational facilities opt for a central command centre to manage several sites. The CathexisVision software enables simultaneous connection to multiple sites and concurrent viewing of cameras from these sites.

Financial viability


The financial viability of Cathexis is unparalleled, with many other companies requiring expensive payments for integrations whereas we charge for the integration license only, which is extremely cost-effective. Most of our competitors charge a license and development fee, while we don’t enforce any annual license fees at all. We support campus over time, and education facilities don’t pay development costs. There is no need to pay for pricey upgrades and overall expenditure on the project is minimal, while campus continue to reap the reward of a high-quality operating system.